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  1. Bob says:

    Did you know that in Nebraska there is a Liquor license holder for every 305 people in the state. that comes to 5626 permanent licences. It does not count the SDL Liquor licenses there are 3200 of them.
    Just go to the Liquor control website and check it out and while you’re there, look at the agenda to see what kind of people are getting licensed.
    and we wonder if there’s a problem!

  2. J Stewart says:

    This became possible when a certain ‘box’ store owner in this city got a license to sell alcohol in his store. Hmmm, I wonder which ‘good old boy’ he knew in government? It pretty much killed the small liquor stores, but also opened up licenses for most everybody, which, of course, helped along the demise of the small liquor merchant by opening up the license market to every box store, gas station and convenience store in sight.

    When people had to buy an existing license from another merchant (A very expensive proposition) because they were limited in number, there was more control of sales & enforcement, but provided less revenue for government. “Let’s give out more licenses.” = “More money in the coffers.” This meant less control and enforcement, but hey, it meant more government revenue. Money first, then we’ll deal with the problems it created.

    A Note: Take a look at the number of citations written for selling to a minor. It doesn’t come from small liquor stores.

  3. Ceilie Barnes says:

    About your morning comments 11/20/09 before the news break….

    What is it with you guys and Oprah….you continually mock and make fun of her, based on what? I was particulary humored by your statements about her Book Club. When was the last time either one of your were at a library…college? If you have been there recently you would have noticed that the average age of any of the employees(which does not make you a graduate of library science) is about 70+yrs old?
    They are still open because most of the people there are volunteers. It takes a hill of beans to tell you what you should read. They generally go off the NYT Best Seller list.

    John and Jack-??

    Oprah only needs to say “checkbook” and you both must realize being in the small market you are in…you pretty much are too obscure to have a following, you basically, have a job!

    Go Oprah!!!

  4. jackm1400 says:

    Here’s the email I sent to this commenter (not sure if it went through or not):

    Ceilie: Just wanted to take a moment to respond to the questions you offered up on the blog. I usually spend about a half hour in Gere library every 3-4 weeks when my wife and I take our son there, as he loves it, and I try and get through about one book a month, although I’ve been slacking lately. Prior to that, in a previous career, I spent more hours in a couple libraries in town researching than I’d care to remember (which is part of the reason I’m glad to be in my current job).

    As for Oprah, I really have no serious beef with her, but I think I’ve been jaded by numerous Sunday afternoons at my mom’s house when she and my wife sit down and watch DVRd Oprahs from the past week, some of which are interesting, although for the most part, I’m wishing I could turn on some NFL. I give them a hard time about it and so that sort of plays out on the radio, particularly on weeks when I’ve had to watch one of those shows where they feature Dr. Oz and Oprah asks him all these, uhhh, ‘digestive’-related questions. Yuck.

    So whenever she comes up, I think that comes out, although I’d say to call that ‘continual mocking’, is hyperbolic, since she really hasn’t been something that’s come up in conversation all that frequently. It’s meant to be light-hearted. Although, now that I think of it, I did give her some on-air props earlier this week for pushing Sarah Palin on a couple questions, so there’s that.

    As for Oprah having more money and a following than me–yeah, you’ve got me there. She obviously knows what she’s doing, as do a lot of people we have fun with on the show. I can promise you I’ll never claim I’m better at marketing myself than she is–it’s more her intense following that I find entertaining.

    Anyway, hope it didn’t turn you off that much–I’ll back off Oprah, since my Mom’s one of those followers and complains when we talk about her in any kind of negative light (and I think we all know it’s John who’s got the real venom, right?)


  5. Ryan says:

    I think Jack looks like Jon Heard (Peter McCallister)from Home Alone.

  6. fran brannen says:

    Congratulations to you, Jack and Megan! Nora is beautiful and such a big girl. What a dolly.

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