Ben Nelson Defends Kagan Vote, Pledges to Stick with Dems

Senator Ben Nelson joined Jack & John in the Morning on Tuesday to talk about his  decision to oppose the nomination of Elana Kagan and to respond to recent speculation that a move to the Republican party may be in the cards.

Nelson emphatically clarified that he has no intention of leaving the Democratic party,  either to become a Republican or an Independent, saying, “you don’t leave a party, your party leaves you”.  He also provided an interesting rationale for his loyalty to the  Democratic party, saying that the Dems offer him greater leeway to take positions that  might be directly in step with the party line than the Republicans would.

Nelson on Party Switch (Audio)

Nelson also talked about his decision to oppose the nomination of Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court, citing “voluminous” correspondence from Nebraskans raising concerns about Kagan, so we asked him why the barrage of communication from constituents regarding his health care vote didn’t seem to hold as much sway.  Listen to his response below:

Nelson on Constituent Correspondence (Audio)

Finally, Nelson asserted that people who think the Feds have been inactive on the issue of illegal immigration haven’t been paying attention, and he indicated that he was “being told” the border will be “secured” within 6-12 months, allowing D.C. decision makers to turn their focus to dealing with the existing illegal immigrants.

You can hear the Nelson interview in its entirety here.


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