Show Rewind 8/2/10: Trader Joe’s Confirmation, 2 a.m. inevitability and Jack the pro eater

We got another week fired up on the show–if you missed it, here’s the recap:

-Jack bemoaned the fact that parts of Lincoln seemed to smell like a hog farm last night, but John was oblivious to the smell, so this mystery is still unsolved.

-There’s been much scuttlebutt about whether or not the trendy grocery chain Trader Joe’s is coming to South Pointe.  We got an initial look at this week’s city council agenda and saw that this afternoon TJ’s will be setting a hearing date for the liquor license application, so it appears that this is a go.  The address listed with the application is 3120 Pine Lake Road, Suite R.  Interestingly enough on the official Trader Joe’s website, it doesn’t list Lincoln as a “coming soon” location, although Omaha was on there.

-Jack will be making his competitive eating debut in the Union Bank dollar-a-dog fundraiser for the United Way and is trying to determine what his WWE-style compeitive eating stage name will be.  Suggestions included “The Litigurgitator” and the “Fartin’ Spartan”.  Jack also maintains he could easily win the competition if he wanted to, but is concerned that he’s going to make himself miserable for his birthday weekend if he ingests 20 bunless hot dogs in 5 minutes.  We’ll see if the competitive juice flare up.  If you want to see Jack do his thing live, he’ll be out at the main Union Bank branch on South 27th on Friday over the noon hour stuffing himself.

-Finally, the guys talked to City Council chair John Spatz, who has said the frequency by which he’s being contacted by bar owners in support of a 2 a.m. close time has significantly increased and now Spatz says that the 2 a.m. close time will happen eventually, he’s just not sure how soon.  He also mentioned that in the ordinance he’s suggested, the 2 a.m. close time goes through a bit of a trial period after which it would be re-evaluated by the city council before being made permanent.


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