Show Rewind 7/15/10: The False Alarm

The show started with exciting news as Jack was at home anxiously awaiting the arrival of Baby Mitchell.  We had received word Wednesday afternoon that the contractions were coming more rapidly and with some intensity, so we thought we might have a new member of the morning show family by the time we hit the air at 6am.

We were wrong.

Things had stabilized and the happy parents remained in hurry-up-and-wait mode.  One writhing in pain, the other calmly assessing the situation and absorbing the occasional contraction from the new life growing inside her.  Thankfully, video camera were there to capture the moment.  Sadly, we could not afford color cameras and for some strange reason Jack was speaking in a thick Cuban accent and calling his wife “Lucy.”

Meanwhile, the show went on.  Senator Johanns joined us to explain his new amendment to the health care reform law designed to save small businesses a mountain of new paperwork.  We also learned about the massive airlift bringing in over 3,000 athletes for the Special Olympics USA National Games and found an organization against a proposed legalization of medicinal marijuana.

Oh, and John (The Grand Champion of the Birthday Game) evened the score against Chris for the week, setting up the dramatic fifth game Friday.

Will Jack be there?  Or will he be wearing his catcher’s gear in anticipation of the arrival of Baby Mitchell?


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