NU Associate AD Clears Up “Redout” Website

The nice thing about being “Lincoln’s Husker Radio” is that you get a chance to not only air the games and SportsNightly (weeknights 6-9p hosted by Lane Grindle…… you owe us commercial time…), but you also get access to the people who make the decisions around Husker athletics.

Wednesday, NU Senior Associate Athletic Director (fancy title for “Number 2”) Marc Boehm joined us to clarify the meaning behind the website  The athletic department/Omaha World Herald collaborative effort has raised a few eyebrows in the state about “targeting one game” (Texas) and not being “the Nebraska way.”  But it has also drawn the interest of the national media, namely ESPN college football writer Pat Forde, who had some pointed things to say about how NU was shedding its image as a gracious and classy fan base.

Check out our interview with Marc Boehm and see why this may not be quite as inflammatory as some (namely Jack) make it out to be.

We also clear up some rumors about Big Ten Network appearances by the Huskers this upcoming sports season and talk about stadium expansion and the new basketball practice facility.

Marc Boehm interview on “Jack & John in the Morning”


2 Responses to NU Associate AD Clears Up “Redout” Website

  1. LC - NU alum says:

    Edit the Video… Take out the “10/16/10” and the “Beat Texas.” Nebraska fans understand that it will be a BIG game, but what good is a win 10/16/10 if we don’t win the North division… the B12 championship… the Bowl game. Of course we all want this game badly, but wouldn’t it be so much sweeter to claim the big 12, aka “Big Texas” championship game on our way out the door?!?!?

    This video is Busch League!! Other teams circle and play for one regular season game, and that’s against Nebraska. It is NEVER the other way around!!

    Our fans are not stupid. We don’t need a video singling out UT to hype up the game. NU has always done it’s TALKING ON THE FIELD, and just because we’ve been a little quiet the last few years doesn’t mean we should start changing things up.

  2. Hater says:

    I am sick of listening to people cry about this video. The Texas game is the biggest game of the season. The OWH and NU are launching a new fansite and want loads of media attention. So what do they do? They poke the lion with a stick. They got exactly the response they wanted out of this, every single national media outlet talking about Nebraska.

    The Blue Hairs need to stop crying about this not being the “Nebraska Way”. If they had their way everyone would sit on their hands at the game so their hearing aids wouldn’t beep.

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