Show Rewind 7/13: The End of the Star City Parade & NU Athletic Department Gone Mad?

-Today we talked with Katie Tauer, the President of  the Board for Go Lincoln Go! (formerly the Updowntowners) the group in charge of organizing and running the Star City Holiday Parade.  As you probably know by now, the parade will likely be losing its public funding during this budget cycle (to the tune of about $70K), but the Mayor seemed confident the parade would be able to go on via private donations.  Katie didn’t paint such an optimistic picture, as she said the future of the parade and perhaps the entire Go Lincoln Go organization may be in doubt unless there’s some significant new financial support that emerges within the next couple weeks.  While we think the majority of our listeners are lukewarm on the parade, we also think it’s worth noting that it would be a disappointment if Lincoln lost its longtime citywide event/festival organizer when we’re right on the verge of having some of the best space this city’s ever seen for Go Lincoln Go-type events with Union Plaza next summer and the space surrounding the Arena a few years later.  To hear the entire interview, click here.

-We also talked about the continuing discussion surrounding the “Red Out Across The World” promotion that the UNL Atheltic Department is pushing virally in partnership with the Omaha World-Herald.  John thinks this a bold, unprecedented move for the the athletic department to point to a specific opponent, which may result in the program “losing face”.  Jack, on the other hand, thinks the actual “calllng out” that’s happening here has been greatly exaggerated, and it’s simply a smart way for the Department to capitalize on a huge event when they may be in need of a little extra revenue in the coming years. See the video we’re talking about here, hear the guys’ arguments here, and weigh in with your thoughts below in the comments section.   One programming note–on Wednesday’s show, we’ll have Associate Athletic Director Marc Boehm on the show to address the criticisms of this campaign.


One Response to Show Rewind 7/13: The End of the Star City Parade & NU Athletic Department Gone Mad?

  1. Vice Magnet says:

    I’m not sure what controversy there is surrounding the Red Out Across The World promo….it’s awesome! The only controversy is starting it now, when NU is leaving the conference. It seems like it should be a season-long promotion instead of a single game promotion (Texas). I mean, I hold a grudge against opponents as well as anyone (Penn State ’82, Oklahoma’s Keith Jackson’s one-handed grab, the Florida State Orange Bowl, the extra second in last season’s title game) but pointing to one game when we are likely to be playing against the zebras during conference play seems a bit short-sited.

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