7/8 Show Rewind & Breaking News: The New Super, No Jimmy Buffett and a worldwide Redout

July 8, 2010

Steve Joel

-Today on the show we spoke with the new Superintendent of Lincoln Public Schools, Dr. Steve Joel.  We went in-depth with Dr. Joel about the achievement gap that so many school districts face and how those specific challenges differ in Lincoln as compared to Grand Island.  He also talked about his philosophy on what makes an effective teacher and standardized testing.  Perhaps most importantly, he noted that he will likely err on the side of safety when it comes to making the call on potential snow days, even though he actually didn’t know that decision would be in his jurisdiction when he was offered the job.  In the short time he was with us, we were fully impressed by Joel’s engaging nature as a speaker and his clear passion for the education field.  We’ll see how the public responds to him when budget time comes around.  Hear the full audio here.

Brooklyn Decker

-This afternoon we learned about the lineup of entertainers and athletes who will make their way to Lincoln for the Special Olympics.  Now the opening ceremonies likely will not be open to the public, but it’s interesting to note that the entertainment slated to speak/perform at the event include model Brooklyn Decker, gospel singer Sandi Patty, Christian/Pop band Jars of Clay and American Idol contestant Michael Sarver.  In addition Andy Roddick and former NFL players Joey Browner and Matt Blair will be among the current and former professional athletes putting on clinics and demonstrations while the games are in town.  We had been hearing a rumor that Jimmy Buffett was going to be in town for the ceremonies, which seemed too odd to be true.  Apparently it was.

-Finally, today we’re starting to hear about a movement called “Red Out  Around the World” which has its own website, and encourages people to “Wear Red. Be Loud. Beat Texas”.  We were curious to find out if this movement was something organic among fans, whether it was something official from the University or if it was something altogether different, so I did a search to find out who owns the site.  We were surprised to find out that the owner of this mysterious website is none other than the Omaha World-Herald.  A ploy to sell papers?  Perhaps.  Still, the video got us really jacked up.