A Jack & John Investigation: Did Kevin’s homer clear the 25′ high net?

On Monday, Jack could barely contain his emotions as he tried to grasp the possibility that KLIN “Drive Time Lincoln” producer Kevin Thomas hit a slow-pitch softball home run over a 25′ tall catch net at the Union College fields at 56th and Calvert.  Like former New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison, Jack tried to convince John that this was a story of great significance and that such a feat – if it did happen – was worthy of front page consideration in a local newspaper.

But like Garrison-to-JFK murder, Jack’s words seemed to fall on deaf ears despite his public and off-air pleads.

Sadly, an Abraham Zapruder film of the incident is not available.  There were no cameras rolling at the time of the moment.  But KLIN’s John Bishop, dogged investigatory journalist that he is, finally succumbed to Jack’s cries of attention (emphasis on “cries”) as he returns to the scene of the incident and attempts to put the pieces back together in this now infamous incident.

Please forgive John as he thinks he has channelled the spirit of the late Walter Cronkite during his narration (and he didn’t even bother to attempt a Cronkite impersonation.)



Truth, like gold, is to be obtained not by its growth, but by washing away from it all that is not gold.  ~Leo Tolstoy


2 Responses to A Jack & John Investigation: Did Kevin’s homer clear the 25′ high net?

  1. Luke Rief says:

    There is a 3rd possible explanation. There was no “magic bullet/bouncing softball” effect and the ball did not clear the net. The net is hanging loose enough at the bottom and the ball was able to push the net past the barbed wire. Therefore the ball struck the bottom of the net, pushed the net past the barbed wire and just barely cleared the barbed wire.
    Or as a 4th explanation, there is a hole in the net.

  2. Scott says:

    I havent played this field, how far is the first fence? If its 300 and there is a 2nd fence that is 20 feet high it would be about a 400ft shot to clear the top of the net. Sound about right? Some of the best hitters in the country can only hit it that far with $300+ bats. Im not saying he couldnt have hit it 400ft, but just look at him, do you think he can hit that far?

    And anything done once can be done again. Time to head out there again for some batting practice. If after 50 balls he can barely get it over the 1st fence, id say there was no way it cleared the net, jack.

    I agree with the previous reply. The ball hit the bottom of the net which moved it back far enough to go through or over the barbed wire. Those deep balls are moving FAST and could push that net away with ease. Plus it probably had a tail wind to help push the net out of the way.

    Just my .02c

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