Show Rewind 6/25: Fremont, Facial Hair and Free Food

-Today was the day Jack shaved his beard into the styling as you, the listeners selected.  Scroll down or click here for the slightly disturbing results.  In the afternoon, Jack went with another style, that was, well, interesting.

-We officially opened up entries for the “Bun in the Oven” contest, where our listeners have the chance to win a $50 gift certificate from the Oven restaurant in Lincoln if they can correctly guess the gender of Jack’s soon-to-be-here baby and make the closest guess to the actual date/time the baby arrives.  Today, Jack’s wife Meagan joined the guys to give her thoughts on Jack using their child for the purpose of a radio contest.  She also provided some inside information for those wanting an edge in making their predictions. Hear that interview here.  If you’d like to enter the contest and try your hand and winning a bunch of free food, follow the simple instructions here.

-We interviewed Kris Kobach the Kansas City attorney and UMKC law professor who wrote the controversial Fremont immigration ordinance.  In addition to responding to some of the arguments made by ACLU Nebraska legal director Amy Miller, he refuted the Omaha World  Herald article claiming that the city of Fremont’s insurer had decided against using Kobach as counsel on the soon-to-come lawsuit.  Hear the interview here.

We’ll leave you with this:  a goosebump-inducing video of Americans around the world reacting the late-game Landon Donovan goal in the World Cup on Wednesday–and it starts right here in Lincoln.


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