Show Rewind 4/16/10-Mayor vs. Auditor & “The (712)”

June 16, 2010

Before getting into today’s show, I want to take a moment to thank everyone for the anniversary wishes.  I mentioned on the show this morning that my wife Meagan (a frequent show guest) and I are celebrating 9 years of marriage today, and I’ve received several nice messages.  Meagan I are now on a mission to outlast Al & Tipper Gore.  Wish us well.

Now, to today’s show:

-Mayor Beutler joined us and had some strong words about State Auditor Mike Foley’s plans to audit the Haymarket Arena.  He said that not only would a State audit be duplicative of an annual private financial audit that is already planned, but also that this sort of an audit is outside the legislatively-defined role of a State Auditor.  Beutler revealed he is asking the city law department to determine what the extent of the Foley’s authority is, and he didn’t rule out going back to the Legislature to further clarify the issue.  This should be interesting.  Don’t miss the audio here.

-We’ve been speculating for days on how Iowa fans feel about the soon-to-be-realized Iowa/Nebraska rivalry, so we went to Des Moines Register sports columnist Sean Keeler to get the pulse of the Hawkeye State.  In addition to surmising that Iowa fans wouldn’t be ready to replace Minnesota with Nebraska for their end-of-season game, he also said most Cyclone fans and their athletic department alike realize that Nebraska took an opportunity that they would have also taken if offered, so there isn’t any particular bad blood outside of the  inevitable gameday trash talk.  Perhaps most importantly, Sean & Jack exchanged stories of spending formative years in Sioux City, or, as Sean called it “The 712”.  Hear the full interview here.  Also, Keeler’s posted a poll question for Hawkeye fans about who they’d most prefer as their end-of-season matchup.

-Finally, we were happy to see our interview with Harvey Perlman cited in both Lee Barfknecht’s piece in the OWH today and Brian Christopherson’s piece in the Journal Star.  In fact, in Brian’s piece, the LJS broke their long-standing practice of citing news broken on our show without actually mentioning the show by name, in favor of something like “a local radio station” or “KLIN’s early morning show”.  We thank Brian for giving us the full cite, as we try to do for our sources.  We also think Brian wears cool retro baseball caps while covering Husker football practices, so he’s also got that going for him, which is nice.