Rewind 6/14/10: Iowa TV Station mocks Husker fans…and it’s UPROARIOUS!

We didn’t get a hold of this before the show today, so technically it doesn’t belong in the rewind, but we don’t care. Amuse yourself with WHO TV’s occasionally funny take on Nebraska fans and their reaction to the Big Ten move.  I don’t care what they say, playing the redneck card on a bordering state is always unique and fresh.

In somewhat related news, Jack & John’s Big XII “We Are the World” parody put into the worldwide top 100 of all WordPress blogs in terms of  total hits on Friday, and the Youtube video has now been watched to completion more than 5,000 times.  And to think the first few emails and callers after we played it made it clear that they thought “On a Boat” was better.

Steve Sipple checked in with us on today’s show.  When we questioned him on whether he believed Nebraska was in as vulnerable a position as Perlman and Osborne claimed justified a preemptive move to the Big Ten, he gave a resounding ‘yes’.  Hear the entire interview here, including Sip’s reaction to Friday’s events and his thoughts on how the divisions could be aligned in the Big Ten.

We also were joined by City Council chair John Spatz who characterized today’s agenda item authorizing the issuance of $22.5M in bonding for the arena as “the point of no return”.  We don’t think anyone really thought a ‘return’ turning away from the arena was likely, but that does sound fairly dramatic.  He also reminded Lincolnites that there’s no need to go to outlying small towns to buy fireworks this year as all of them will be available in Lincoln, although in truth, we tend to believe people tend to make those trips to get those fireworks a few days early as much as they do to get the boomers.  Fireworks will still only be on sale and legal to set off in Lincoln on July 3 & 4, so you can bet you’ll still get a handful of Lincolnites who will still travel to Eagle & Hickman starting in late June.


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