Show Rewind 6/11/10-Big 10 Academics, Dane’s last day as a bachelor

If you missed Thursday’s show, first of all, scroll down a bit.  That’s where you can see the video for Jack & John’s “We Are the World” parody featuring Big XII personalities begging Nebraska to stay.  The video has been so popular that it’s led to this blog’s busiest day in it’s history, netting just under 3,000 hits by midnight Friday.  That’s getting into Chief Casady territory.  There was a lot happening on Thursday beyond the music as well.

-We interviewed Barbara Allen, director of the  Committee on Institutional Cooperation, the organization that serves as the Big Ten’s academic consortium, to find out just how uniquely Nebraska’s research and classroom efforts could benefit from the potential conference shift.  She outlined the opportunities afforded member schools, including the chance for students to take classes offered by other Big 10 Schools remotely.  Interestingly, Barbara said she had received no word pertaining to Nebraska joining the CIC, nor would she say that the University’s admission would be automatic upon acceptance into the Big 10.  Hear the interview here.

-It was Dane Ross’ last show…as a single man.  With Dane getting married this coming weekend, we asked listeners to offer Dane their best marriage advice which ranged to “never go to bed mad at each other” to “get used to saying ‘OK, honey'”.  Dane will be honeymooning for the next couple weeks, so Kevin Thomas will be on his morning shift.  Best of luck to Dane and Nicole as they start their life together.


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