LIVE Coverage of NU Regents Meeting on 1400 KLIN &

CLICK HERE for live coverage of NU Regents Meeting & NU Press Conference

The Nebraska Board of Regents meets at 1pm today to discuss the latest on the potential move to the Big 10 Conference.  Today’s meeting will start with the discussion of the resolution.  At some point, there will be a closed session.  Tom Osborne and Chancellor Harvey Perlman are expected to address the regents, who are in turn expected to have questions.  Public testimony will also be taken before a vote on the resolution.

It is important to note that the Regents do not need to approve a move of conferences.  This is a resolution which likely could be an endorsement of a move or a vote of confidence in Osborne and Perlman to proceed in the University’s best interest.  It is my prediction that there will be an announcement today that NU is applying for admission into the Big 10, but there will not be an official announcement that NU has been accepted into the Big 10.  The Big 10’s schools need to vote on accepting new members and no vote has been scheduled as of Friday morning, though it was disclosed earlier this week that votes could be taken over the phone if the Conference wanted to act quickly.

After the meeting, a press conference is planned with Osborne, Perlman, NU President J.B. Milliken and Regent Bob Phares.  1400 KLIN and will carry all of these events live starting at 1pm.


One Response to LIVE Coverage of NU Regents Meeting on 1400 KLIN &

  1. bigredtank says:

    I got an email from Time Warner Cable indicating that they did not have any immediate plans to add the Big 10 Network to our cable system. Can you guys get Ann Shrewsberry or somebody from TWC on your show to start asking the hard hitting questions of “When do we get our Big 10 Network?” While you are at it, ask when we are getting the NFL Network as well.

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