Show Rewind 6/8/10: British Accents, Being Seen Naked & Games of Skill

Tuesday’s show featured a smorgasbord of local stories in addition to the now routine Big XII/Big 10 talk, which resulted in some lively moments this morning:

-During the Sound Off segment, we replayed Congressman Anthony Weiner’s comments on Monday’s edition of MSNBC Morning Joe, in which he said “Here’s a viewer’s guide to BP media briefings: whenever you hear someone with a British accent talking about this on behalf of British Petroleum, they are not telling you the truth” (see the video here).  This, of course, led to our very reasonable conclusion that we shouldn’t believe anything someone with a British accent has ever told us.  That meant a reconsideration of everything we’ve taken as gospel from people such as James Bond, Robin Leach, C3P0 and the Beatles.  Hear our re-titling of all the Beatles’ classics in light of Rep. Weiner’s advice here.

-As you may have heard, Omaha’s Eppley Airfield started using full body scanners, the kind that let TSA employees (sort of) see you naked, as of this morning.  We’re in agreement that it wouldn’t bother us for another dude to look at one of these x-ray images of us if it, in any way at all, decreased the chance of a terrorist attack.  We also thought it odd that even though they now have this technology, passengers aren’t required to go through the body scanner, and instead may simply go through a metal detector and then be patted down (because that’s so much less violative of your privacy).  If this is the most effective way to identify the items that shouldn’t be on the plane, let’s make everyone use it. Regardless, the highlight of the segment came when John explained an odd game he played as a child called “The Spanking Machine”.  No one’s quite figured out what he’s talking about, but we do agree he should probably be in some kind of therapy after hearing about this.  Here the segment and Bishop’s description of, uhh, “The Spanking Machine” here.

Picture Courtesy Jacob Hannah/Lincoln Journal Star

-Finally, Lancaster County District Judge Steven Burns will decide whether the Bank Shot video gambling game is legal in the State of Nebraska.  The State argues that illegal gambling should be identified when the event gambled upon is is “determined by an element of chance”.  While we’re really delving into some philosophical, metaphysics of games-type stuff here, we think that pretty much anything you can gamble on has some modicum of chance that factors into the outcome of said event. Thus, it would seem the state’s definition (which may still be the correct interpretation of existing law), pretty much deems any sort of competition that requires and entry fee and awards cash prizes to be illegal gambling.  That said, last summer, we tried out Bank Shot at Brewsky’s on 70th and Van Dorn, and there’s no question that this particular game is one that is largely dependent on chance, as you can’t win unless the computer randomly spits out a certain pattern of pool balls, which you then have to quickly identify before that particular pattern vanishes from the screen.  If gambling on games like poker, which depends significantly more on skill than does bank shot, is illegal, than this ‘game’ should be too.

Tomorrow’s Show:  We’ll talk with Nebraska VB Coach John Cook at 7:35 about the team’s trip to China and the craziness in the world of college sports to which he returned.  Plus, we’ve got DaVinci’s food and Trail Trek entries to give away.


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