Show Rewind 6/7/10: Rush’s Wedding Singer, ‘Horn propaganda & Jack’s Triumphant Return

We got another week rolling on the show today with the story that seems to be on everyone’s mind we ran into over the weekend, conference realignment for UNL:

-We spoke with the LJS’ Steve Sipple about all of the news that broke over the weekend regarding Pac 10/Big 10/Big XII shuffling.  Sip seems to share our sentiment that Texas is using their local media to instill fear in Nebraska and/or Missouri that they could get left out in the cold if they don’t make a commitment to the conference, in an effort to keep the Big XII together, which is still probably a preferable scenario for the ‘Horns.  Sip also laid out the worst-case scenario for Nebraska, which would be a souped-up Mountain West Conference, but he indicated this still shouldn’t be a major concern for Husker fans.  Lots of great info, hear the entire interview here.

-We found it very interesting that Rush Limbaugh chose Elton John to be his wedding singer (for a $1 Million tab).  We were even more surprised that Elton John accepted the offer.  But the truth is, had Rush used a strict ‘must be conservative’ threshold for selecting some superstar wedding entertainment, it probably would have pretty much sucked, even if he had $1M to throw around.  Listeners suggested that he could have tabbed people like Gary Sinese & the Lt. Dan Band, Ted Nugent, and the original “wedding singer”, Adam Sandler, who apparently is a Republican, but none of those suggestions quite measure up to Sir Elton.  Jack said he would have gone for some sort of poetry read by Kelsey Grammar, which is just kind of weird.

-Jack made his triumphant return to the Birthday game in Chris Whitney’s absence and just destroyed John, which did nothing but embolden those fans begging for Jack’s return as a regular contestant on the game.

-With the Iowa gubernatorial primary coming up tomorrow, the guys talked about Terry Branstad’s bid to get back into the Governor’s seat he last held in 1999, when the Spice Girls were still relevant.  The most interesting comment in this race came from Branstad’s opponent, Bob Vander Plaats who claims his supporters will “walk over broken glass” to vote for him.  Uhhhh, ok.  Well, with Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney and several other big Republican names putting their weight behind Branstad, perhaps Vander Plaats’ best case scenario is some sort of broken glass plague-like event taking over the Hawkeye State tomorrow.   Also, it would be a sweet opportunity to use Annie Lennox to provide your victory anthem.


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