Show Rewind 6.4.10-Big XII Rumors, Angry Louisianans and J&J Go Viral

We wrapped up the short week on a busy news Friday:

-During the show we learned that Joe Jordan of Nebraska Watchdog had mentioned our “On a Boat” parody song on his blog, saying we were “laughing out loud” at Kent Rogert’s expense.  In truth, the real intent wasn’t necessarily to call Rogert out, but to simply make light of what seems to be a pretty ridiculous oversight by our lawmakers.

-Lots of discussion about the Big XII/Pac 10 rumors this morning after the report that the Pac-10 had invited Texas, Texas Tech, Texas A&M, Oklahoma, Oklahoma St., and Colorado to join their conference.  We’re still a little skeptical of this report.  Although Chip Brown certainly has some journalistic chops, there’s still a sense among many that Texas is promulgating this rumor as much as anyone, and the fact that it originated from the Longhorns Rivals site is quite convenient.  We know that CU’s athletic director Mike Bohn acknowledged that the rumor may have some validity, but, let’s be honest, this rumor was floating around since at least early this week, as the Denver Post had approached Bohn about it at the outset of the meetings.  During the course of the week Bohn changed his tune without any apparent actual contact between CU and the Pac 10.  Plus, not many people noticed, but Suzy Halliburton of the Austin-American Statesman reported that Bohn backed off his comments late last night.

In any case, the original Chip Brown story also seemed to indicate Nebraska should be concerned about being left out of both Pac 10 and Big 10 expansion, which makes no sense.  If the Pac 10 is expanding to 16 teams, you can bet the Big 10 will be right on its heels with a major expansion, and outside of Notre Dame, Nebraska has to be at or near the top of their list.  We’re not the only ones who think that, either.

-We also visited with Lafayette, Louisiana talk radio host and print journalist Lou Rom who’s been one of the leading local media members covering the BP oil spill.  We’ve heard so much on the national news on this issue it was very interesting to get a local perspective on the spill, it’s effects, and the response by BP and the Feds.  We were pretty shocked to hear some of the lengths BP has went to from a PR perspective to make this disaster look slightly more palatable.  Hear the interview here.


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