Show Rewind 6-2-10: A Sipp, a joint and some naked maids

June 2, 2010

Jack is busy writing some parody song that he has been dreaming of for several weeks.  I am not sure if he can pull it off, but it is apparently based on hip-hop/rap/top 40 music so I’m sure it’s going to be awesome.  (Sarcasm mode off)

Wednesday show highlights:

Journal Star’s Steve Sipple joined us for Kansas City (home of crappy pro sports) to talk about the Big 12 meetings.  As you would expect, not a lot was revealed other than the conference’s commissioner Dan Beebe (who looks like “David”, the boss of Michael Scott in “The Office” – I don’t care what Sipp says) is now “hopeful” that he can get a committment from the league’s members before next April’s television contract negotiations.  Seriously, if there was a story we could hit a collective fast-forward button on right now it would be this Big Ten expansion crap.  Yes, that means we would miss a summer of Cubs baseball, but they cannot even beat the putrid Pittsburgh Pirates so I wouldn’t be missing much.

-Bill Hawkins of H.E.M.P Nebraska came in studio with actual hemp products.  The discussion was over the use of medicinal marijuana and the legalization of it in Nebraska (which might happen when Malia Obama becomes the first woman President.)  While Mr. Hawkins made some interesting points, his message is going to fall on deaf ears until H.E.M.P. Nebraska finds a more “mainstream” looking presenter.  Cheech & Chong is great for movies, but the look won’t convince beet-red Nebraskans that cannabis is okay to use for medicinal purposes.

BTW, after the interview Jack had an unhealthy desire to bake brownies and he tried to swipe my Diet Mt. Dew.

An Omaha businesswoman (or “Optimanure” as it is called out west) has opened a cleaning service in which maids will perform their duties sans clothingWe tried to find a Lincoln service, but sadly could not.  We did discover that 1) we do have current phone books and 2) the number of escort services offered in Lincoln have dropped from 11 in 2006 to 7 in 2010.

-BIRTHDAY GAME:  After being denied by Chris Whitney’s dramatic nail-on-the-head guess of Ronnie Dunn’s birthday on Tuesday, I responded with a dead-on, bullseye selection of Jerry Mathers’s age.  The week is even at 1-1……….and Jack is desperately trying to find a way to weasel his way back into the game.