Show Rewind 6/1/10–Bike Shops, Cosmos & State Parks

What you missed:

-Jack & John remembered Gary Coleman after his untimely death this weekend, which led to widespread memories of those times when certain sitcoms were deemed “A Very Special Episode”, including this incredibly weird Diff’rent Strokes, which forever affected the way we all look at both Gordon Jump (of WKRP fame) and bike shop owners.

-For the second time in as many iterations of the “Sex and the City” movie franchise, John Bishop boldly proclaimed he would not see the movie, and then within the next 48 hours, he went and saw it.  In honor of his apparent inability to resist the franchise, Jack suggested John give his movie review on a scale of “5 cosmos” from now on.  To hear Jack take John to task for his wishy-washiness, and to hear John’s interesting wardrobe choice for the chick flick, listen here.

Thanks to the folks from the Nebraska State Fair for the Graphic Design help on this

The guys thought it surprising that the Game & Parks commissioners decided to overturn the ban on alcohol by an overwhelming margin even though the public testimony and email response to the G&P main office seemed to indicate that there’s significant public support for the ban.  Also, it was reported that teenagers who testified were seen crying as they exited the hearing after the vote was taken.  Seriously?


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