A Jack & John Investigation: Did Kevin’s homer clear the 25′ high net?

June 30, 2010

On Monday, Jack could barely contain his emotions as he tried to grasp the possibility that KLIN “Drive Time Lincoln” producer Kevin Thomas hit a slow-pitch softball home run over a 25′ tall catch net at the Union College fields at 56th and Calvert.  Like former New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison, Jack tried to convince John that this was a story of great significance and that such a feat – if it did happen – was worthy of front page consideration in a local newspaper.

But like Garrison-to-JFK murder, Jack’s words seemed to fall on deaf ears despite his public and off-air pleads.

Sadly, an Abraham Zapruder film of the incident is not available.  There were no cameras rolling at the time of the moment.  But KLIN’s John Bishop, dogged investigatory journalist that he is, finally succumbed to Jack’s cries of attention (emphasis on “cries”) as he returns to the scene of the incident and attempts to put the pieces back together in this now infamous incident.

Please forgive John as he thinks he has channelled the spirit of the late Walter Cronkite during his narration (and he didn’t even bother to attempt a Cronkite impersonation.)



Truth, like gold, is to be obtained not by its growth, but by washing away from it all that is not gold.  ~Leo Tolstoy


Celebrity Look-Alikes: You Decide

June 28, 2010

Unlike whether or not Kevin Thomas’s homerun actually cleared the catch-net at the Union College fields at 56th and Calvert, the guys have stumbled upon yet another trivial arguement that needs solving by the “Jack & John in the Morning” audience.

Jack insists that Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan looks like comedic actor Kevin James.  So much so, that he swears the two were separated at birth or that Kagan is actually James in drag.

John think Jack is smoking crack (poetry intended) and says that Big 12 Commissioner Dan Beebe looks more like actor Andy Buckley (who plays Michael Scott’s former boss David Wallace on the NBC series “The Office”) than Kagan resembles James.

So it’s up to you.  Check out the pictures and then vote.  Winner gets bragging rights and if Jack wins, that means at least another three days on the air talking about how Kevin’s titanic homerun really didn’t clear the catch fence at 56th and Calvert.

Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan

Actor Kevin James from "King of Queens"

Actor Andy Buckley (a.k.a. David Wallace from "The Office")

Big 12 Commissioner Dan "God Bless (the University of) Texas" Beebe


Show Rewind 6/25: Fremont, Facial Hair and Free Food

June 25, 2010

-Today was the day Jack shaved his beard into the styling as you, the listeners selected.  Scroll down or click here for the slightly disturbing results.  In the afternoon, Jack went with another style, that was, well, interesting.

-We officially opened up entries for the “Bun in the Oven” contest, where our listeners have the chance to win a $50 gift certificate from the Oven restaurant in Lincoln if they can correctly guess the gender of Jack’s soon-to-be-here baby and make the closest guess to the actual date/time the baby arrives.  Today, Jack’s wife Meagan joined the guys to give her thoughts on Jack using their child for the purpose of a radio contest.  She also provided some inside information for those wanting an edge in making their predictions. Hear that interview here.  If you’d like to enter the contest and try your hand and winning a bunch of free food, follow the simple instructions here.

-We interviewed Kris Kobach the Kansas City attorney and UMKC law professor who wrote the controversial Fremont immigration ordinance.  In addition to responding to some of the arguments made by ACLU Nebraska legal director Amy Miller, he refuted the Omaha World  Herald article claiming that the city of Fremont’s insurer had decided against using Kobach as counsel on the soon-to-come lawsuit.  Hear the interview here.

We’ll leave you with this:  a goosebump-inducing video of Americans around the world reacting the late-game Landon Donovan goal in the World Cup on Wednesday–and it starts right here in Lincoln.

The Voters Have Spoken!

June 25, 2010

Jack rocking the "Chester Arthur"

This new look for Jack had us wondering all morning where we have seen this look before.  Then, right after the show, Dane seemed to remember.

See if you agree.

Yep.  I thought that look was familiar.

The Official Baby Mitchell Arrival Pool

June 24, 2010

If you hadn’t heard yet, Jack has a new baby son or daughter on the way, and if you know Jack & John, they always find any event just a little more exciting when there’s a some action on it.  So, today we’re unveiling the official Jack & John in the Morning Baby Mitchell arrival pool.  The pool winner is going to score a $50 gift certificate at the Oven in Lincoln (we thought it appropriate, given the ‘bun in the oven’ metaphors).

All you need to do to enter is guess:

1.  The gender of the baby, and

2.  The date and time (to the minute) he/she will be born

In order to win, you’ve got to get the gender right and be the closest to the actual birth time.

Now, we can give you some assistance.  The baby’s due date is July 23rd, and that date has stayed the same throughout the pregnancy.  Also, Jack’s wife is going to be on the show tomorrow at 7:20 to offer some additional assistance for contestants.  FWIW, Jack’s got one other child, a 5-year old son, who was born 3 days in advance of his due date.

You can enter either by commenting below (please include your first name, last initial and an email address) or by emailing an entry to JackandJohn@klin.com.

Yes, Tornadoes Do Hit Cities

June 24, 2010

Last week while we were watching the aftermath of another Midwest tornado, my wife commented how “these things always seem to hit the little towns and never the big cities.”  Well, the folks in Billings, Montana will pause to disagree.

Sure, we’ve seen tornadoes hit big cities before.  Oklahoma City.  Salt Lake City.  Lubbock, Texas.  Omaha.  But the storms tend to find the smaller towns more often.  Either way, it’s a good reminder that when severe weather happens it needs to be taken seriously.

And if you think you are safe inside a large arena, watch this video of the roof being torn off Billings 12,000 seat arena and consider what it would have been like to be in there at the time.  Thankfully, there was no event going on at the time.

You Decide 2010: Jack’s Facial Hair

June 24, 2010
So after three months, Jack is finally ready to get rid of the beard (much to his mother’s delight).  But, before getting rid of it for good, it has been suggested that Jack use the opportunity to parlay his exisiting facial hair into something even more attention-getting.  So, on Friday morning, Jack will be rocking a ‘novelty facial hair styling’, and you can decide which you’d like to see.  Of course, we’ll post plenty of pictures and video.




Fu Manchu



Amish-Style beard w/o mustache




Mutton Chops into Mustache



Soul Patch