Introducing the Hendricks Training Complex

UNL has unveiled more detailed plans and drawings (see pdf file here for additional renderings) of the new Nebraska Basketball/Wrestling training complex, which will be named after the Tom & Mary Hendricks family, who will be footing the bill for over half of the project’s costs.

As you can see, the new facility will sit on south side of the Devaney Center, making it visible from the Big X and driving down the Antelope Valley Parkway.  The big question for those of us who regularly attend Nebraska basketball games is how this construction will affect parking for the remaining years of games in the Bob.  It looks as though this project will eat up some of the parking spots on the South side of the facility, and it’s still unclear just how much new parking is going to be freed up with the University taking possession of State Fair Park.

The University would do well to figure out a way to significantly improve the parking/traffic situation for the final years in the Devaney Center, as these issues sill keep people from getting to games they’d otherwise attend.  If the Devaney Center is more car-friendly in the next few years, it’ll play a part, albeit a small one, in generating more momentum for the program in moving to the new arena in 2013.


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