Becoming A Faster City

If you react to this news the same way Jack did Wednesday morning, then I expect mass giddyness to break out city-wide very soon.

Thanks to Officer Matt with the Lincoln Police Department, we have obtained a list of speed limit changes throughout the capital city.  Tired of those “slow” areas of town that you just know needs to have a higher speed limit?  Well take a look at the following and see if any of these roads are on your regular route.  We’ll also take up the discussion Thursday on 1400 KLIN.

Cornhusker Highway from 1st to 35th Street – was 40 MPH, NOW 45

Superior Street from 1st Street to I-180 – was 40, NOW 45

Leighton Avenue from 66th to 70th Street – was 25, NOW 35

Leighton from 84th to East City Limits – was 25, NOW 35

North 66th Street from Taylor Park Drive to Starr Street – was 30, NOW 35

Salt Creek Roadway from Stadium Drive to Kimco Court – was 35, NOW 40

Normal from South to 48th Street – was 35, NOW 40

Van Dorn from 70th to 84th Street – was 35, NOW 40

Pioneers from 56th to 61st Street – was 35, NOW 40

Pioneers from 61st to 70th – was 40, NOW 45

Coddington from West A to Van Dorn Street – was 45, NOW 40

W Fletcher from NW 13th to NW 27th – was 35, NOW 45

NW 27th from W Fletcher to Highway 34 – was 35, NOW 45

North 84th from Holdrege to O Street – was 40, NOW 45 from Holdrege to Vine and 40 from Vine to O

North 1st from Highway 34th to North City Limits – was 35, NOW 40 from Highway 34 to Humphrey Ave.  and 45 from Humphrey to North City Limits

Other streets have been recommended for speed limit changes, but have not been completed yet.


3 Responses to Becoming A Faster City

  1. Bob says:

    John, my wife and I took our daughter and five East High freshmen girls to the game Monday night. Had a great time, great game! Did see or recognize the cards was is disappointing.

    Another piece of this . . . the crowd seemed to be 60% plus Lincoln folks. About 10 minutes before the game about five South High player came running through the stands with their graduation gowns on and obviously headed for the field. Not everyone saw what was happening but they did get a nice round of applause from the section of the stands that was largely students.


  2. streven smith says:

    Lincoln East’s “Green Card” soccer celebration was just on HLN.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thought you might want to know that the Omaha South players were taunting the East players during the game Tuesday night. I believe one of the South players was yellow carded for doing so during the game. Doesn’t excuse the green cards. I just do not like East being slammed when there was plenty of mud being slung their direction too.

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