Lou vs. Bette: Who’s The Wind Beneath Your Wings?

Now that this trivia arena thing is outta the way (BTW, thanks Lincoln!!!), we can return this blog to the pursuit of more important material.

On Wednesday’s show, John debuted a special new open to honor (exploit) the mayor’s declaration that Jack & John are his “heroes.”  But instead of using the popular Bette Midler version of “Wind Beneath My Wings”, John went for the more soulful version done by Lou Rawls.

That bothered one Jack “mainstream” Mitchell who promptly chastized John for his music selection.  Despite the fact that Dane and Chris also agreed with John that Lou’s version was superior, Jack (as usual) failed to submit to the superior argument.

So now, we put it to you.  Whose version is better?

“Sweet” Lou

“Bellowing” Bette


4 Responses to Lou vs. Bette: Who’s The Wind Beneath Your Wings?

  1. Jennifer says:

    I really like the Roger Whittaker version also.

  2. Jack Freaking Mitchell says:

    When did I ever say Bette’s was better? The whole premise of my disdain was my problem with Bette’s version of the song, and desire not to hear the song redone by anyone after her whiny, pitch-bending version of it we all heard over and over again in the early 90s. Once again, my words have been seriously twisted.

    I guess I’ll vote Rawls on this poll, although I’m not rushing out to get either version on my ipod.

  3. Deb says:

    There is a version by a singer named Gary Morris that came out before Bette did it. It is way better then anyone else’s version.

  4. Susan says:

    Please, please can you tell me where I can purchase the Lou Rawls version? It is not on itunes or anywhere I can find on the net. Which Album is it from?

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