Jack vs. Deer

Well, I was driving back from the Cedars Golf Tournament at Woodland Hills last night on the gravel part of East Old Cheney, and I had my first ever car/deer encounter.  While these pics are a bit graphic, we’ve been talking about them on the air, and have had a few requests to see how much damage was actually done, so peruse at your own discretion.  Luckily, I got away without injury, but I’m fairly sure that had the impact been a fraction of a second earlier, it would have been a lot worse than it was. 


One Response to Jack vs. Deer

  1. Sithdragon13 says:

    Wow, Jack. You are such a girl, LOL. No wonder you wont touch a loofa. I was expecting this massive damage the way you were talking about the accident, but there isnt much damage at all. I was expecting the front to be smashed in and such. I have hit my share of deer, so yeah it can be a bit ‘awakening’, but you barely grazed it. One of the two i hit i turned into a half ton shot-put.

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