Introducing the Hendricks Training Complex

May 25, 2010

UNL has unveiled more detailed plans and drawings (see pdf file here for additional renderings) of the new Nebraska Basketball/Wrestling training complex, which will be named after the Tom & Mary Hendricks family, who will be footing the bill for over half of the project’s costs.

As you can see, the new facility will sit on south side of the Devaney Center, making it visible from the Big X and driving down the Antelope Valley Parkway.  The big question for those of us who regularly attend Nebraska basketball games is how this construction will affect parking for the remaining years of games in the Bob.  It looks as though this project will eat up some of the parking spots on the South side of the facility, and it’s still unclear just how much new parking is going to be freed up with the University taking possession of State Fair Park.

The University would do well to figure out a way to significantly improve the parking/traffic situation for the final years in the Devaney Center, as these issues sill keep people from getting to games they’d otherwise attend.  If the Devaney Center is more car-friendly in the next few years, it’ll play a part, albeit a small one, in generating more momentum for the program in moving to the new arena in 2013.


Becoming A Faster City

May 19, 2010

If you react to this news the same way Jack did Wednesday morning, then I expect mass giddyness to break out city-wide very soon.

Thanks to Officer Matt with the Lincoln Police Department, we have obtained a list of speed limit changes throughout the capital city.  Tired of those “slow” areas of town that you just know needs to have a higher speed limit?  Well take a look at the following and see if any of these roads are on your regular route.  We’ll also take up the discussion Thursday on 1400 KLIN.

Cornhusker Highway from 1st to 35th Street – was 40 MPH, NOW 45

Superior Street from 1st Street to I-180 – was 40, NOW 45

Leighton Avenue from 66th to 70th Street – was 25, NOW 35

Leighton from 84th to East City Limits – was 25, NOW 35

North 66th Street from Taylor Park Drive to Starr Street – was 30, NOW 35

Salt Creek Roadway from Stadium Drive to Kimco Court – was 35, NOW 40

Normal from South to 48th Street – was 35, NOW 40

Van Dorn from 70th to 84th Street – was 35, NOW 40

Pioneers from 56th to 61st Street – was 35, NOW 40

Pioneers from 61st to 70th – was 40, NOW 45

Coddington from West A to Van Dorn Street – was 45, NOW 40

W Fletcher from NW 13th to NW 27th – was 35, NOW 45

NW 27th from W Fletcher to Highway 34 – was 35, NOW 45

North 84th from Holdrege to O Street – was 40, NOW 45 from Holdrege to Vine and 40 from Vine to O

North 1st from Highway 34th to North City Limits – was 35, NOW 40 from Highway 34 to Humphrey Ave.  and 45 from Humphrey to North City Limits

Other streets have been recommended for speed limit changes, but have not been completed yet.

We Can Beat Sioux City’s Craptacular Viral Video

May 13, 2010

This is a call to arms.  The video below, which markets Sioux City (if you’ve been there you know that’s an uphill battle in itself), seems to be getting a pretty ridiculous amount of viral buzz over the last couple days.  I’m pretty sure that the world of viral video mimics real life, which would imply that we here in Lincoln should be able to make something bigger, better, nicer-looking, catchier, and viral-er.  The one concept I’d keep is people lip-syncing a song.  For some reason that formula just works  (is there anyone who didn’t love the end of Something About Mary?)

If we can get the right song, it could be perfect.  Any ideas?  Do we use a tried-and true song or an original Lincoln-inspired song?  Imagine Bo Pelini & Tom Osborne showing a little animation.  How about Ken Siemek dancing in the street?  Mayor Beutler air-guitaring?  Let’s make it happen.

Has Anyone Seen This Cake?

May 12, 2010

I’m thinking if this is still around, I’d like to get my hands on it, as it could be a collector’s item.  I’ve got room in my freezer right next to that Red Velvet cake that says “Bill Hoppner–Nebraska’s next Governor!”

Lou vs. Bette: Who’s The Wind Beneath Your Wings?

May 12, 2010

Now that this trivia arena thing is outta the way (BTW, thanks Lincoln!!!), we can return this blog to the pursuit of more important material.

On Wednesday’s show, John debuted a special new open to honor (exploit) the mayor’s declaration that Jack & John are his “heroes.”  But instead of using the popular Bette Midler version of “Wind Beneath My Wings”, John went for the more soulful version done by Lou Rawls.

That bothered one Jack “mainstream” Mitchell who promptly chastized John for his music selection.  Despite the fact that Dane and Chris also agreed with John that Lou’s version was superior, Jack (as usual) failed to submit to the superior argument.

So now, we put it to you.  Whose version is better?

“Sweet” Lou

“Bellowing” Bette

Jack vs. Deer

May 7, 2010

Well, I was driving back from the Cedars Golf Tournament at Woodland Hills last night on the gravel part of East Old Cheney, and I had my first ever car/deer encounter.  While these pics are a bit graphic, we’ve been talking about them on the air, and have had a few requests to see how much damage was actually done, so peruse at your own discretion.  Luckily, I got away without injury, but I’m fairly sure that had the impact been a fraction of a second earlier, it would have been a lot worse than it was.