UPDATE: Lane Bryant Model Ashley Graham To Join Us Friday

UPDATE (Friday PM): Here’s the podcast of Ashley’s interview with the guys from Friday morning.  She’ll be on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” tonight on NBC.

Meet Ashley Graham.  She’s the 22 year old model at the center of a controversy involving a commerical from women’s clothier Lane Bryant.  The above spot was deemed to racy by ABC (the network that parades the “Desperate Housewives”) and FOX (who gave us “Married With Children”) to air.

Critics say it’s too suggestive.  Others say it’s no more racy or suggestive than the average Victoria’s Secret commercial.

Meanwhile, Ms. Graham claims Lincoln as her hometown.  We’re trying to find out more about her background, meanwhile we’ll let you judge if the commercial is too sexy for TV.  Just don’t hold us responsible if the Mrs. catches you judging over and over.


4 Responses to UPDATE: Lane Bryant Model Ashley Graham To Join Us Friday

  1. pammiejo says:

    I don’t see what the problem is with the advertisement. Victoria Secret commercials are much more seductive, in my opinion. There are commercials for Dove that show women in their undergarments, and I believe its Hanes bra commercials that talk about when the “girls” are happy. Ashley is a beautiful women – regardless of size. ABC and FOX should be embarrassed- how hypocritical. This is another case of any woman larger than the typical Hollywood models is considered overweight.

  2. Mark Graham says:

    Thanks for the mention. She is from Lincoln, a 2005 graduate of Lincoln Southwest High School. We have had a lot of fun with the ad during the week. She is booked to do The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Friday.

  3. maria swancara says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with the add!! there are a lot of commercials that show as much skin.I think it’s all about showing REAL SIZE women,it doesn’t fit the fashion standard.I think she’s a very pretty girl and I wish I looked like her! ABC and FOX are acting stupid..

  4. Keith Eurich says:

    Here is a different way to look at the problem. If they would just show 30% of the breast on a victory secrect model and then show 30% of a full sized model, yes it will look like she is showing more, but the percent is the same.

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