The Richman Gordman Slide can be yours!


Last week on the air, Bishop and I got into a conversation about Gordman in Lincoln relocating to the North side of town.  That got me waxing poetic about going with my folks to the old Richman Gordman on Vine Street in the 80s.  In addition to being the first place I ever tried out games like Hogan’s Alley and Kung Fu on the original Nintendo Entertainment System they had set out for display, on one Saturday in about 1987 they had the most ridiculous sporting goods sale in history, when they decided to liquidate the entire department at 75% off on some sort of whim.  But there’s no question, for some reason, the one thing that’s most emblazoned in my memory the children’s play area featuring the animal jungle gym.  Most notable in the room was the slide that allowed us to actually walk through the innards of an elephant to enjoy a ride down its trunk. 

Well, today on ebay, you can get your very own Richman Gordman elephant slide.  No kidding.  Seriously, if I had an extra grand laying around, I think I’d buy this thing and put it in my basement just as a conversation piece. 

Any other RG memories out there?  Anyone else remember the sales where they’d put “dots” on their merchandise color coding the percentage discounting the original price?  Good times. 


One Response to The Richman Gordman Slide can be yours!

  1. Terri says:

    I will miss Gordmans as one of the best places in town for holiday decorations and house decor. I live in the southest section of Lincoln and won’t drive all the way up to 27th and Superior just to shop at Gordmans.
    It takes longer to drive across Lincoln than it did for me to cross San Diego county.

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