Just Do….Wha?!?!

NOTE:  If you cannot stand the insufferable coverage of Tiger Woods return to golf do not 1) watch ANY ESPN or ESPN related programming for the next four days (weeks, months, years, decades) and 2) do not continue reading.

Jack is blown away by my passionate response to the Tiger Woods story.  I am not sure what it triggers inside me that makes me viciously angry, but it just does.

But as Jack is stunned by my reaction to the Tiger Tale, I am even more blown away by this disaster of an advertising/public relations/mea culpa by Nike that is playing all over ESPN and the internet today.

Instead of staying off the Isn’t-Tiger’s-Return-The-Most-Important-Sporting-Event-Of-The-Last-100-Years bandwagon, Nike has jumped on, taken the reigns and steered that wagon right off the edge of a cliff into the jagged rocks below where it crashes in a fiery explosion heard several light years away.

The spot features a black and white head-shot of Tiger and a slowly zooming in camera while the voice of Tiger’s deceased father, Earl, can be heard making some veiled reference to personal responsibility.  At least, that’s what we’re being told it is.  It sounds more to me like his dad is coming back from the grave to ask “Why, son, why?”  Though it would seem to be more likely that Earl would be admonishing “How the Hell do you get yourself caught?”

This commercial does absolutely nothing to repair Tiger’s image.  Does nothing to make amends for his failures.  And most importantly (to the advertiser) does nothing to sell Nike golf clubs.  So what is the point?  Can’t Nike (the one sponsor who did stay with their prized client) be the ONE major player in the abomination that is “Tiger Woods Inc.” that keeps its nose out of the controversy?  Or are they so big that they cannot stand to stay on the sidelines because “We’re Nike and we matter!  Remember us?!?!”

“Stupid” does not begin to describe the point of this advertising campaign.  And using Earl Woods, a man who had his own transgressions with the women with whom he pledged to stay faithful, as some kind of a scolding, but still caring parent is the ultimate in gall.  Another shining example of how “Tiger Woods Inc” still tries to press on as if nothing had happened.

This commercial does nothing more than convince me that if Tiger Woods the man is to move beyond his tarred and feathered image, then “Tiger Woods Inc” needs to die.  Otherwise, we’re just caught in the crossfire of another marketing gimmick.

Just (keep) Do(ing) It.


2 Responses to Just Do….Wha?!?!

  1. Sue Hundley says:


    Several men who struggle with sex/porn addiction, who run our men’s sex/porn addiction support groups, would like to chime in to the on air discussion that has been happening lately regarding Tiger Woods/Jesse James….is sex/porn addiction real???? Most of your callers thinks it balony, but these quality men would beg to differ, sex/porn addiction is real, powerful, deadly and is destroying many lives. Would you be interested in them calling in next week? Could you give us a time for them to call in to give another point of view???? My cell number is also 430-4834. I’m the Director of Support/Recovery groups at Lincoln Berean Church. Thanks for your time.

  2. Larry Pospisil says:

    You guy’s were both wrong this morning about merging onto the interstate. It is the responsbility of the person coming on to blend into traffic not for anyone that is traveling on the interstate to move over. The rule it is your responsbility as the merger to adust speed and to time a entry into the follow of traffic thats why those ramps are missed name by being called on ramps they should be called acceleration ramps. This is what is taught in commerial driving courses and has been a misconseption of the driving public.

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