Runza Rallies To Take A Bite Out Of Vals

The first “Jack & John in the Morning” Munch Madness is history.  And what a tournament it was.  We had Cinderella, we had controversy, we had close finishes and now we have a comeback for the ages.

As of 6:35am Monday (two hours prior to the closing of the polls), Valentino’s pizza held a comfortable 60% to 40% lead over Runza in The CHOMPionship.  But when the flour dust settled, it was Grandma Runza who stood tallest among Lincoln’s signature foods.  According to sources close to Jack & John, the word got out to Runza lovers everywhere that their beloved German-inspired stuffed sandwich was being clobbered by Valentino’s sweet-sauce inspired hamburger-sausage-pepperoni-mushroom pizza (a.k.a. The Special.)  Those voters came in droves and overwhelmingly put Runza over the top in a 63% to 37% victory.

Congratulations to Runza!  Champions of the inaugural Munch Madness.


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