Munch Madness: The CHOMPionship

After three weeks and thousands of votes, we have paired down 32 of Lincoln’s most popular signature food items down to a final two.  After the Final Fork, two of the capital city’s most beloved eating establishments will duel for the hearts of Lincolnites in the inaugural Munch Madness.

Runza has run roughshod through the tournament, crushing Lazlo’s Pub Club, the Fred & Ruby’s Cheeseburger, the DaVinci’s Cheesesteak and eliminating the Watering Hole’s famous Buffalo Chicken Wings by double-digit margins.

Valentino’s Special Pizza faced tough competition in the Entree Regional, going through The Pantry’s Hot Beef Sandwich, Misty’s beloved Prime Rib, Lee’s legendary Fried Chicken and surviving the tournament’s Cinderella, the BBQ4U Pulled Pork Sandwich to earn a spot in the title game.

Now, the decision is yours.  Which of these icons of Lincoln’s restaurant community will earn the coveted title of Munch Madness champion?  Will it be the one-of-a-kind ovenstuffed sandwich that turned a little shack near Pioneers Park into a regional fast-food giant?

Or is it the pizza originated at 33rd and Holdrege that is proclaimed as Nebraska’s most famous pie?

Ring the bell!  The CHOMPionship is on!  The vote will be finalized on Jack & John in the Morning this Monday at 8:45.  The winner will be allowed a ticker-tape parade through our studios……if they so choose.


5 Responses to Munch Madness: The CHOMPionship

  1. Monica says:

    To Great Nebraska legions

  2. Denver says:

    Come on people, don’t let me down! Where are all the Valentino’s and Runza haters? Ever since this “Munch Madness” started, most of the responses have been negative towards two of Lincoln’s most reconized and iconic traditions. Since 1949 (Runza) and 1957 (Valentino’s), many people have been fortunate to enjoy these time-tested, award-winning establishments. I agree they are not the same as they once were, but who is? Every business has to change and adapt somewhat with the times, or suffer the consequences. Does Kings Food Host or Tony & Luigi’s ring a bell to anyone who remembers what Val’s and Runza used to be? How about Grandmother’s and Misty’s now compared to what they once were? The two most popular vendors at Husker football games are – can you guess? That’s right, Valentino’s and Runza. I can’t really compare Runza to anything else…they are their own unique “sandwich” that no one has duplicated. But hasn’t Val’s won the best pizza in Lincoln for over 20 years in a row? And that’s after the recipes have been “compromised” from what they once were. For those of you who say it is “disgusting”, “less meat”, or “total garbage”, give me a break! I will not name any other pizza places in Lincoln, but disgusting, less meat, and total garbage are more accurate to 99% of everyone else’s pizza. Congrats to Val’s and Runza for all your years of success. And to all you “haters”, wake up and get a life

  3. Anonymous says:

    This is a tough one! Val’s is delish and so is Runza. Glad to see two LINCOLN family owned restaurants in the championship. These two family owned and operated restaurants have employed thousands thru the years. Both places are very active in the community.

  4. Chris says:

    A hotdog beat Phat Jacks?

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