NE State Fair 2010 Off To a Roaring Start!

They unveiled their new logo yesterday on their Facebook page.  Hmmm, they may want to edit some of those comments. 

Is it me or is something wrong with that ferris wheel?

 Two problems: 

1) It’s ANOTHER design contest.  That’s right, the same state that held an open contest to design the licence plates (and failed miserably) held ANOTHER contest to design the logo for a fair that already has suffered from controversy and ridicule because people cannot see themselves going to Grand Island in the first place.

2)  Look at the ferris wheel.  There are NO SEATS in one-third of the ride.  Imagine if this were put to practical use.  You know how when you load the dryer with sheets and they all end up congregating on one side of the tumbler?  You know the horrible noise it makes and you literally drop everything you have to rush to the dryer and stop it before it explodes and destroys your home?  Yeah.  Now imagine that same centrifugal force working on this ride with PEOPLE on it.  That horrible sound would be punctuated by the screams of terror as loved ones are hurdled hundreds of feet into the air or whose mangled corpses are beating along the sides of the cars. 

Did we not learn anything from the licence plate debacle?  And the professional graphic designers were already up in arms to begin with.


20 Responses to NE State Fair 2010 Off To a Roaring Start!

  1. Kyle S. says:

    spot on, guys. this logo really is a joke, and further testament to the argument against spec work and design contests. hopefully someday we’ll learn and stop using the nike logo as justification for gambling design.

  2. Doc says:

    “Oh please, you can’t be serious.” Start over and open this up to the designers and the professionals of this state so they can display their talents and bring diversity and an array of choices for NSF Board to choose the best designed solution available, not the only solution available!

    Here us Speak, before it’s in Stone!

  3. Meg says:

    I heard you guys talking about this on the radio this morning but I never imagined it would be as bad as it really is. Somehow, this does not entice me to travel to Grand Island.

  4. Mitch says:

    Although I don’t like it. I see the what they were after. It supposed to look like an old cross stich wall pattern.

  5. Kevin K. says:

    You can do better with Microsoft Word clip art!

  6. Dennis H says:

    This is just another reason why I say the Fair will be dead inside of 5 years!

  7. Howdy john says:

    Must be some mushrooms in that field because this artist must have ate some to do this design!

  8. Nancy says:

    As a fair goer from a very early age, I’m saddened by the loss of tradition and memories that Lincoln has held for me. So in looking toward GI to fill this void, if the logo is any indication of what to look forward to, there is no incentive to travel the 90+ miles.

  9. Garry says:

    Welcome to Grand Island

  10. Ken R. Svoboda says:

    What the h___ are they promoting here. I see Nebraska’s first major attempt at wind energy with an antique wind mill, a barn that will eventually be converted to a fast food restaurant or pay-check-in- advance location and an off-centered ferris wheel that’s so far out in left field that like the Kearney Arch, you can’t get to. Way to go Nebraska.

  11. Lana says:

    Give it up guys….it’s time for Nebraska to unite and quit being petty…..

    When are you guys going to let it go and say something positive about the change??? I’m tired of listening to your show in the morning and waiting for your “next down talk of the fair”, Jack and John. If it weren’t for wanting Lincoln news every morning getting ready for work, I’d turn you off.

  12. Kermit says:

    Holy Crap! Wow, that really sucks. Par for the course for the state fair though I suppose. It’s sad to see something with such a long history be mismanaged into oblivion.

    Yeah, whats up with that ferris wheel? Where are the bottom seats? And look at the barn door and window above it. They couldn’t have used trapezoids there to at least attempt a 3-D effect? And yeah, the “hills” look like something you find drawn on the walls of a bathroom stall. Just sad.

  13. jackm1400 says:

    Ummm, I don’t think we’ve mentioned the fair yet in 2010 (or really, since last September) until this week, so you’re comments are hyperbolic. Also, we talked very positively about the fair after our original fun-poking when the legsilature discussed this, if you recall (or maybe you don’t) we had Senator Carlson on the show and accepted an invite from him to attend this year’s fair, and had a great conversation about how the move could be productive for the state as a whole.

    Lana, I’m concerned about Nebraska marketing itself, and as we said on the air today, the fair’s success is in our best interest as Nebraskans, whether we choose to attend it or not. To that end, I’d prefer that in marketing itself, like any for-profit company, there fair makes itself attractive to visitors and represents that state as a whole in a positive light. Thus, I’ll be critical when that is not happening. I’m not sure what part of that is inappropriate. Further, we were as much reporting the unbelievably overwhelming negative response from the public to this logo as promulgating our own personal responses (which were, admittedly, quite appalled with this lack of marketing skill). Perhaps you’ll note that nearly everyone who commented above you is concerned about the way the fair is representing itself with this logo, as we were.

    As I’ve said before, we’ll unapologetically have fun with news stories when we can, so if you can’t take some fun-poking at things that we deem deservable, you’re right, this probably isn’t the radio show for you.

  14. Lana says:

    You’re talking about a pictoral logo and describe it as screams of terror whose loved ones are hurdled hundreds of feet in the air and mangled bodies – that’s joking??? And I am hard-pressed to agree with the fact that you haven’t mentioned the State Fair in a negative light in 2010….because everytime you do mention it, I have a moment of disgust….but it’s your show, you’ll have the last word….

  15. jackm1400 says:

    Again, I don’t think we’ve mentioned it any light–negative or positive–since last September. It just hasn’t been that much of a conversation topic as it hasn’t been in the news. I think moving to GI was a very, very bad move, so I point that out when the conversation arises, which it doesn’t very often anymore. As we said multiple times this morning we hope it succeeds (some people don’t even hope that much) as it’s in the state’s best financial interests.

    Again, it’s pretty clear we’ve got senses of humor that aren’t particularly compatible, at least on this issue, Lana. The point is, we believe that this design deserves some significant critique, given it’s importance from a marketing perspective. That critique has been made many ways by many people in the last 24 hours (read the other comments) including my co-hosts’ description of the logo’s mechanically incorrect depiction of the ferris wheel, and the implications it would have for those riding on it. While if I had been writing it, I probably wouldn’t have been as graphic, but in reading it, I found the comedic/critical value in it, as did many of our listeners. I understand that not everyone will.

  16. C Ogden says:

    Thanks for giving me a teachable moment about advertising in Economics class today. It was fun to explain to this senior class of 2010 the accomplishments of former Spartans!! Keep helping me out “Jack”!!

  17. steve smith says:

    Maybe this was some kind of lame April fools joke.

  18. andy says:

    Heard you guys chatting about this today and thought I’d check it out. Now, I’m not the most creative guy in town… or my own house for that matter. So, nobody will confuse me as a right-brained graphic designer. But, don’t you think you guys are getting a little carried away? It’s just a logo. What do you want it to look like? It’s a state fair in an agricultural town. The logo seems to convey that. Additionally, in case you haven’t heard, the State Fair hasn’t been trying to figure out how to spend excess funds. GI tried to save some money and you guys are nailing them to the wall for it. I can’t fault GI for that.
    As a completely unscientific survey, I checked out the web pages for the famous Iowa State Fair and also the Texas State Fair. Their logos are not much better.

  19. jackm1400 says:

    Again, we were as much reporting the incredible public reaction of distaste for this as promulgating our own opinion (granted, I’m pretty shocked anyone could think it doesn’t look incredibly amateurish). To me, it’s pretty striking when the fair’s own website is inundated with people just ripping their new logo. The vast majority of reaction has been incredibly negative. I’m pretty sure the prize money for this contest could have been invested in a way that produced a better product.

  20. Justin says:

    The idea that this is “just a logo” is silly. Your logo is the face of your brand — it brings instant recognition and should convey the identity of the organization. Instead, this logo conveys “cheapness,” among other things.

    This logo should also be scalable (i.e. legible at all sizes) and functional for all necessary applications (like banners, letterhead, promotional products, etc.). You would be hard pressed to embroider this on a shirt and still be able to read it unless it was embroidered five inches wide. It also uses so many colors that printing it on anything will be expensive.

    This is the face of our fair for at least the next year. It’s an embarrassment to our state and a smack in the face of the creatives in Nebraska who would have been glad to help create a proper logo.

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