Munch Madness: First Round – At Large Region FINAL RESULTS

It has happened.  Perhaps inspired by Northern Iowa’s upset of top seed Kansas, the BBQ4U pulled pork sandwich has pulled the shocker of the first round by knocking out top seed Amigos Crisp Meat Burrito.  The narrow win puts the bbq sandwich versus another Mexican restaurant favorite, the Lincoln Burrito from DeLeon’s.

Here’s your first round results.  Second round voting starts very soon in our four regions.

#8 BB4U Pulled Pork Sandwich 51%, #1 Amigos Crisp Meat Burrito 49%

#4 DeLeon’s Lincoln Burrito 64%, #5 Wilderness Ridge Nachos 36%

#3 Goodrich Malt Chocolate Malt 80%, #6 Oso Burrito Fish Tacos 20%

#2 Fairbury Brand Hot Dog 65%, #7 Phat Jack’s Big Red Brisket 35%

Your second round matchups:

DeLeon’s Lincoln Burrito vs. BB4U Pulled Pork Sandwich

Goodrich Malt Chocolate Malt vs. Fairbury Brand Hot Dog


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