Munch Madness: Entree Region – First Round FINAL RESULTS

This region held three of the biggest routs of the first round of Munch Madness, but it also contained the closest matchup.  The top three seeds easily advanced into the regional semis, but the 4/5 matchup was decided by the slimmest of margins.  What it sets up are some titanic games in the next round.

Here’s who’s heading into the second round.

#1 Lee’s Fried Chicken 75%, #8 The Oven’s Chicken Tikka 25%

#2 Misty’s Prime Rib 67%, #7 LaPaz’s Cream Cheese/Chicken Enchilada 33%

#3 Valentino’s Special Pizza 77%, #6 The Pantry’s Hot Beef Sandwich 23%

#4 Steak House’s New York Strip 51%, #5 The Isles’s Leaning Tower of Pizza 49%

Second Round Matchup:

Lee’s Fried Chicken vs. Steak House New York Strip

Misty’s Prime Rib vs. Valentino’s Special Pizza


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