Munch Madness Sandwich Region–First Round (FINAL RESULTS)

To see the entire field including the other regions (plus to get your chance to suggest an item in our at-large region), click here


#1 Runza Sandwich 73%, #8 Lazlo’s Pub Club 27%

#4 Fred & Ruby’s Cheeseburger 56%, #5 Ali Baba’s Hot & Spicy Gyro 44%

#3 DaVinci’s Cheesesteak 62%, #6 M & N’s Italian Beef & Pastrami 38%

#7 Don & Millie’s Cheese Frenchee 52%, #2 Tastee Sandwich 48%

So, here are your second round matchups:

Runza Sandwich vs. Fred & Ruby’s Cheeseburger

DaVinci’s Cheesesteak vs. Don & Millie’s Cheese Frenchee


4 Responses to Munch Madness Sandwich Region–First Round (FINAL RESULTS)

  1. […] The first round of the Sandwich region begins today. […]

  2. Don says:

    How is a Runza sandwich better than a Lazlo’s club? Wow. Not to bash the Runza, because its a Nebraska institution, but there is no contest. I think Runza won just because of name recognition.

  3. fred says:

    Think Don right.
    Lazlo’s Better then Runza,I like runza only when it’s
    cold, price drop’s

  4. JT says:

    I would argue that club sandwiches are good everywhere and easy to make.

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