Munch Madness Brackets (UPDATED At-Large Region)

After hundreds of emails, calls, texts, blog & Facebook comments and tweets, plus a full hour of deliberation after today’s show, we were able to fill out the bracket for the inaugural Jack & John in the Morning Munch Madness, determining Lincoln’s favorite local signature food item…ALMOST.  We ended up doing some re-organization of our “regions”, and ended up with three completely seeded groups: Sandwiches, Appetizers/Sides, and Entrees (which now includes pizza).  That left us with some miscellaneous items that we’ve included in an “At-Large” category for which five spots are still up for grabs. 

So, in the next 48 hours we need to get those last five spots filled.  There were a lot of suggestions that only got one vote, and a couple more votes may cement some spots in the field of 32.  Again, the criteria is that it’s a specific food item available in Lincoln which originated here in Lincoln (or in SE Nebraska).  We’ll accept any food in the at-large region, whether it be snack, side, dessert, entree, or otherwise.

The voting will start later today in the Sandwiches category and will last until 9 a.m. on Thursday.  After that, we’ll trot out the remaining regions one-by-one and narrow the field of 32 down to 16 by the middle of next week. 

Here are the current categories and seeds:

Sandwiches (Restaurant)

  1. Runza Sandwich (Runza)
  2. Tastee Sandwich (Tastee Inn & Out)
  3. Cheesesteak (Da Vinci’s)
  4. Cheeseburger (Fred & Ruby’s-Parkway Lanes)
  5. Hot & Spicy Gyro (Ali Baba’s)
  6. Italian Beef/Pastrami (M &N Sandwich Shop)
  7. Cheese Frenchee (Don & Millies)
  8. Pub Club (Lazlo’s)

Appetizer/Side (Restaurant)

  1. Chicken Wings (Watering Hole)
  2. Cinnamon Roll (Miller & Paine/Braeda/Runza)
  3. Beer Cheese Soup (Lazlo’s)
  4. Onion Chips (Tastee Inn & Out)
  5. Onion Rings (Lee’s Chicken)
  6. Chicken Wings (Brewsky’s)
  7. Italian Bread (Grisanti’s)
  8. Chips & Salsa (Tico’s)

Entrée (Restaurant)

  1. Fried Chicken (Lee’s)
  2. Prime Rib (Misty’s)
  3. Special Pizza (Val’s)
  4. New York Strip (The Steak House)
  5. Leaning Tower of Pizza (The Isles)
  6. Hot Beef Sandwich (The Pantry)
  7. Cream Cheese & Chicken Enchiladas (La Paz)
  8. Chicken Tikka (The Oven)

AT-LARGE REGION (Seeds finalized as of 3/18)

  1. Crisp Meat Burrito (Amigos)
  2. Hot Dog (Fairbury Brand)
  3. Chocolate Malt (Goodrich Dairy)
  4. Lincoln Burrito (D’Leons)
  5. Nachos (Wilderness Ridge)
  6. Fish Tacos (Oso Burrito)
  7. Big Red Burger (Phat Jack’s)
  8. Pulled Pork Sandwich (BBQ4U)

Voting in the Sandwich category will commence shortly at, stay tuned.


10 Responses to Munch Madness Brackets (UPDATED At-Large Region)

  1. Ken R. Svoboda says:

    At-Large nominee….Valentino’s Pasta Salad
    Valentino’s Garlic Roll
    Patty’s Pub Green Beer (seasonal)
    Tony & Luigi’s cracker &
    vegetable spread
    Zesto Malt

    Geez….you’d think I’d have something better to do?

  2. Michael Johnson says:

    Thai Rolls from Blue Orchid
    Fish Tacos from Oso.
    Net Nachos from Spike’s
    Michelle Obama Roll from Tokyo Sushi and Steakhouse

  3. Brad Roth says:

    A couple more for your at-large category…

    Brownie Nut Fudge Ice Cream @ Goodrich/Colby Ridge

    Mulligatawny Soup at The Oven

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  5. Kevin says:

    Parker’s Rib Ranch should be included, I say put their rib tips in the at large region.

  6. Ryan says:

    Asian wings at Dino’s

    Spicy Turkey wrap from Don & Millies

  7. Carla says:

    At large nominations:
    D’Leon’s Nebraska Burrito
    Taco Inn Deluxe Nachos (with the flour chips of course)

    and I second the nomination for Goodrich Brownie Nut Fudge.

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  10. Michaela Nickolite says:


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