Lynn Moorer: The new face of the anti-arena movement?

Lynn Moorer is an Environmental Attorney in Lincoln, and her star has risen in the last several days as KLIN’s newsroom ran stories with quotes from her on Monday morning regarding the timing of EPA studies of the proposed Haymarket location, in which she’s raised some serious flags about the site, its safety and costs of cleanup.  The LJS picked up the story today, and now, Lynn is arguably one of the faces of the anti-arena movement along with Jane Kinsey. 

While I think the environmental remediation question is certainly that needs to be adequately addressed by the city before it moves on with the plan, I wish the LJS would have taken the time to pursue a more thorough explanation from Lynn as to why she doesn’t put faith in the studies already done by a local contractor with extensive experience in this field. 

We’ll see how much headway the anti-arena forces (oops, the are-nos) make on this issue.  It may depend on how persuasive Ms. Moorer will be on this issue.  I hadn’t heard much about Ms. Moorer so I did some research, and found out that she’s been part of the Nebraska bar since 1999, but was reprimanded by the Nebraska Supreme Court back in 2004 for resisting police efforts to escort her out of her employers’ premises after she was fired.  It’ll be interesting to see whether this affects her credibility as a quasi-spokesperson for the group.


4 Responses to Lynn Moorer: The new face of the anti-arena movement?

  1. Dale Gribble says:

    So what? I dont see anything in our state kangaroo court decision that impairs her credibility, just that she isnt a mark for fake authority figures. stick to facts and analysis and not bogus personal issues.

  2. Bwahahahaha says:

    Oh that is so rich, Dale! I see it as nothing but the “facts” and where is the “bogus” in his comments? I’ll bet you think certain “reporters” are fine with their “facts” and unbiased personal issues, huh?

    Nice job, Jack.

  3. the only credible concern is whether the facts are on her side in the matter of the environmental and legal liabilities of buying the land for the arena site. just ask yourself why the EPA cannot access the land to sample the soil until the sale of the land is final. try buying a house from a seller who says you can’t see the basement, or buy a car from someone who won’t let you sit in the driver’s seat or start the ignition. if Union Pacific can’t find a way to allow a characterization study to go through before the election, then the city should just tell them sorry, but we can’t find our checkbook. if this is such a big money making endeavor, i’m sure there are plenty of investors who’d happily line up. once the taxpayers agree to being taxed, the JPA will be free to tax to their heart’s delight once the cost overruns become a reality.

  4. […] part you might not have picked up on is the best, in my opinion.  I’ll leave the credentials of the no2arena environmental attorney out of this because her latest actions speak loudly for themselves.  Lynn Moorer told 10/11 News […]

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