Time To Help The Arena Opposition

Unlike the “Yes For Lincoln Haymarket Arena” coalition, which has an organization and website, the organized opposition to the arena is far, far behind in….well, organization. 

Two meetings, a couple, three dozen members.  No website.  No nothing.  Now, that doesn’t mean that the arena is guaranteed to pass.  I believe the opposition is made up of people who either don’t have the passion or don’t have the time to organize.  They firmly believe that government is bad and government projects are worse and when someone (like a local columnist/reporter) writes things that come across as anti-arena, but are apparently misinterpreted as anti-arena, they latch onto it like Yogi Bear to a picnic basket. 

No matter the motive, they will be happy as a clam to darken the circle next to the word “NO.” 

With that said, I believe it’s unfair that the pro-arena organization have such an overwhelming lead on getting the issue out to the masses.  So we have gone to the trouble of helping organize the unorganized – and the first thing any good organization needs is a name. 

I like “Aree-No” (or The Aree-nos.)  Jack and I differ over the spelling.  You could go with “areNO” with emphasis or bold face on the “no”, but it looks too much like you forgot to put a space between “are” and “no” as in “I knew Jack Kennedy, you are no Jack Kennedy.”  So for purposes of this exercise, I have chosen Aree-No. 

Next thing you need is a logo.  Here are three mock-ups.  Vote for your favorite or suggest your own slogans.  After we get past this point we can move on to the next item on the agenda:  planning the Aree-No Christmas Party! 

Logo #1

Logo #2

Logo #3


2 Responses to Time To Help The Arena Opposition

  1. LoveLincoln says:

    It’s gotta be the third one, without a doubt. But, I’m really disappointed that you didn’t have something with the word “boondoggle” in it. That seems to be the rallying word of the Aree-nos.

    And speaking of “boondoggle” (or boondogle as misspelled on her website) Jane Kinsey and Lynn Darling do have a website. http://www.no2arena.com . While I do tire of them greatly I have to give Jane props for attempting to set up that site. If my mother (Possibly the same age as Jane…mom is 73) did that I would be shocked. So, while I’m all for the arena good job in that regard, Jane!

  2. berri says:

    Jack & John,
    Seriously? We need to take the $ 355 Million and fix the potholes in this city. And if there is anything left, then fix the darn sidewalks. And I really need some caulking on my windows, can you see what can be done about that? Frankly, Lincoln’s unemployment rate is way to high ( – 4%) and we’re dead last on the nation’s list of hardest hit cities during the last Recession. And my gosh, did I just read we have the lowest electricity rate in the country? I tell you, we are in absolutely no position to be progressive and future thinking right now. The potholes! Don’t forget about the potholes!

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