The Final Fork Voting–Now Open!!!

March 31, 2010

Get your votes in now–we’ll shut this poll off during Friday’s show! 


NE State Fair 2010 Off To a Roaring Start!

March 31, 2010

They unveiled their new logo yesterday on their Facebook page.  Hmmm, they may want to edit some of those comments. 

Is it me or is something wrong with that ferris wheel?

 Two problems: 

1) It’s ANOTHER design contest.  That’s right, the same state that held an open contest to design the licence plates (and failed miserably) held ANOTHER contest to design the logo for a fair that already has suffered from controversy and ridicule because people cannot see themselves going to Grand Island in the first place.

2)  Look at the ferris wheel.  There are NO SEATS in one-third of the ride.  Imagine if this were put to practical use.  You know how when you load the dryer with sheets and they all end up congregating on one side of the tumbler?  You know the horrible noise it makes and you literally drop everything you have to rush to the dryer and stop it before it explodes and destroys your home?  Yeah.  Now imagine that same centrifugal force working on this ride with PEOPLE on it.  That horrible sound would be punctuated by the screams of terror as loved ones are hurdled hundreds of feet into the air or whose mangled corpses are beating along the sides of the cars. 

Did we not learn anything from the licence plate debacle?  And the professional graphic designers were already up in arms to begin with.

Eat 8 Voting Has Begun!

March 29, 2010

You’ve now got over 36 hours to cast your votes in each of the four regional finals.  We’ll close these polls during Wednesday’s show and make the official announcement of the “Final Fork”. 

Here we go–best of luck to all of our competitors:

Half of the “Eat 8” set!

March 26, 2010

This morning, we closed the voting in the semifinals of the sandwich and appetizers sides division, and the final results are as follows:

#1 Runza def. #4 Fred & Ruby’s Cheeseburger 55%-45%

#3 DaVinci’s Cheesesteak def. #7 Don and Millie’s Cheese Frenchee 59%-41%

#1 Watering Hole Wings def. #4 Lee’s Onion Rings 58%-42%

#7 Grisanti’s Italian Bread def. Lazlo’s Beer Cheese Soup 58%-42%

So these regional finals will open voting Monday, with a berth to the “Final Fork” on the line:

Runza vs. DaVinci’s Cheesesteak

Watering Hole Wings vs. Grisanti’s Italian Bread

Don’t forget, voting is still open in the entrees and at-large divisions below, we’ll close those polls Monday morning and give you the final results during Monday’s show.

MUNCH MADNESS: Second Round – (Entrees & At-Large)

March 25, 2010

Prepare for all out war!  True titans of Lincoln food battle it out in the Entree Region.  Misty’s.  Valentino’s.  Lee’s Chicken.  The Steak House.  On Lincoln’s Mount Rushmore of food, these four might be carved in stone.  Now they go head to head in Munch Madness as the Road to the Final Fork narrows. 

YOU are the judge.  Cast your vote now!  Voting continues through the weekend.

MUNCH MADNESS – Second Round (Sandwiches & Sides)

March 23, 2010

The Road to the Final Fork now gets serious.  While most first round matchups went as predicted, the second round of Munch Madness (a.k.a. The Big Pants) promises to separate the men from the boys…….or the main course from the leftovers. 

We begin voting with the regional semis in two of our regions: Sandwiches and Appetizers/Side Items.  Cast your vote, then check back to see the results.  Voting continues until Friday morning. 

Also look for second round action in our other two regions, soon!

Munch Madness: First Round – At Large Region FINAL RESULTS

March 23, 2010

It has happened.  Perhaps inspired by Northern Iowa’s upset of top seed Kansas, the BBQ4U pulled pork sandwich has pulled the shocker of the first round by knocking out top seed Amigos Crisp Meat Burrito.  The narrow win puts the bbq sandwich versus another Mexican restaurant favorite, the Lincoln Burrito from DeLeon’s.

Here’s your first round results.  Second round voting starts very soon in our four regions.

#8 BB4U Pulled Pork Sandwich 51%, #1 Amigos Crisp Meat Burrito 49%

#4 DeLeon’s Lincoln Burrito 64%, #5 Wilderness Ridge Nachos 36%

#3 Goodrich Malt Chocolate Malt 80%, #6 Oso Burrito Fish Tacos 20%

#2 Fairbury Brand Hot Dog 65%, #7 Phat Jack’s Big Red Brisket 35%

Your second round matchups:

DeLeon’s Lincoln Burrito vs. BB4U Pulled Pork Sandwich

Goodrich Malt Chocolate Malt vs. Fairbury Brand Hot Dog