Where’s the most annoying traffic signal in Lincoln?

During my time working at KLIN I’ve run into a number of people who seem to believe that Lincoln isn’t the most convenient city to navigate by car.  Some blame it on the lack of a bypass, some on the lack of major north/south thoroughfare, others, the quality of the drivers in this town.  Honestly, this has never been something that’s really bothered me all that much, but it’s clear the sentiment is out there.

That said, probably the most complained-about element about the ease of traveling this town has to do, in one way or another, with traffic signals.  It may be that there are too many of them, that they’re not timed correctly, that the green arrows last too short or too long, etc.  In light of this consistent angst, we thought it was time we do something about it, so Jack & John have embarked on a mission to find Lincoln’s most annoying traffic signals.  Whether it’s the one that’s red for 3 minutes every day on your morning commute or the one that’s timed so poorly the left-turn lane has cars backed up a half-mile. 

After we compile our list of suggestions, we’re actually going to go out and scout all of the locations, to determine Lincoln’s most annoying traffic signal(s), and after our analysis, we’re actually going to talk to the folks in traffic operations in the city to find out just why those signals are so annoying, and if anything can be done about them.

We could still use more suggestions, as we’ll be doing our scouting trips this week, so feel free to email them into us at JackandJohn@klin.com  or list them in the comments below. 

In case you were curious, a few we’ve already heard about: 9th/10th & South, 27th & Sheridan, 40th & Yankee Hill, 1st & O and the left turn lane at 84th & Cornhusker.  Now it’s your chance to vent.


7 Responses to Where’s the most annoying traffic signal in Lincoln?

  1. Nate says:

    14th & Superior

  2. KDG says:

    48th and Highway 2 – left turn onto the highway from the south gives you about two seconds. Also the group of lights triangulating around 40th & South – the one crossing Normal, the ones on 40th & Normal – all of those work together to conspire to pin you between them.

  3. Justin K says:

    Hwy 2 & Apples Way (and what kind of a name is “Apples Way,” anyway?)
    Capitol Parkway & Randolph is a triple doozy: 1) Waiting to cross Randolph; 2) Waiting to turn onto NW-bound Capitol Pkwy if the “no right on red” signal is on; 3) The left-turn lanes from CP onto Randolph
    27th & Van Dorn
    9th/10th & Van Dorn for inconvenience, complexity and rush-hour congestion
    16th/17th & Vine, especially westbound Vine during either commute
    During evening commute (not sure about morning), traffic gets gridlocked often at 10th & N thanks to people stopped at O

  4. Mikayla says:

    Turning left off of Capitol Parkway onto Randolph

  5. macappleteacher says:

    14th and Old Cheney. 3 min wait times even at 5:30 in the morn before traffic!

    Also agree with the Capitol and Randolph above.

    Still think we should decriminalize running red lights between certain hours, as long at you stop first and it is all clear. That would be a cheaper solution than having to reprogram all the lights to flash after a certain time.

  6. Lincolnite says:

    I think the light at 45th and Pine Lake is a pain, but only for Pine Lake traffic. I believe the street name is Beaver Creek running north and south. If a single car is waiting on that road it can stop 20 cars on Pine Lake almost immediately. One just gets going at 40th and Pine Lake, for example, and then this turns red and stops everyone. Perhaps they can force those cars to wait instead of allowing a minority of cars from stopping everyone.

    It should be noted that the police chief comes out of that area, so maybe he has a little “push”! Just kidding.

  7. Lincolnite says:

    I’m sorry … that shouldn’t be 45th and Pine Lake. It’s Pine Lake and Beaver Creek Lane.

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