I DARE You To See This Basketball Team

Kelsey Griffin and the Huskers are top ten rated and legitimate Final Four contenders

If you haven’t heard by now, there is a pretty good basketball team playing at the Devaney Center.  The Husker women are #7 in the newest AP Top 25 (highest ranking in history) and #4 in the latest RPI projections (the indicator that helps determine NCAA tournament teams and seeds) after their win over Baylor Sunday (the first true road victory over a top ten rated team in Husker history.)

I have had the opportunity to follow a lot of local sports teams in my years here at KLIN.  In that time, you run across a few special teams that just has that “it” feeling.  The 1994 Husker football team and 2001 Husker baseball team are two really good examples along with a handful of Lincoln-area high school teams.  They all had that “it” feeling about them.  That they were special and had a chance to go all the way.

In some cases, those teams did win it all.  In others, like the 2001 College World Series qualifiers, they didn’t go all the way but they left such an indeliable mark that they sparked a popularity that resonates to this day.

The 2009-2010 Nebraska women’s basketball team has “it.”  From their “Ndamukong Suh-like” presence in All American candidate Kelsey Griffin to solid inside-outside threat Cory Montgomery to their athletic guards Dominique Kelley and Vonnie Turner (both products of Nebraska high schools), this team has already put together a fantastic season.  They are legitimate threats to advance to the women’s Final Four in San Antonio as well as claim an outright Big 12 Championship.  And they deserve some recognition and support.

That is why I am putting my fate in your hands for this upcoming Saturday game against Kansas State.  It is a “pack the house” promotion put on by Pepsi where all general admission tickets and all 24 oz Pepsi soft drinks are $1.  I don’t see any reason why we shouldn’t see a sellout crowd to watch this team.  So here is my dare to you:

If we can get at least 12,000 fans in attendance for this Saturday’s game vs. K-State, I will accept some form of dare as suggested by you.  All this week we will take suggestions on-air or via email  (you can also comment here on the blog) and I will select my “dare” on this Friday morning’s show.  Then, if you can fill Devaney to at least 12,000 Saturday at 11am, I’ll carry out on my end of the bargain.

With or without the enticement of my potential public humiliation, I think you will find this team worthy of your two hour investment.


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