Jack & John’s Popsicle Freeze

File this one under “stupid morning radio stunts.”

Deciding we should make the best of a crappy situation (the weather), we decided to pick some of our favorite beverages and freeze them in the -20 wind chills.  The beverages were, coffee, orange juice, chocolate milk, V-8 juice, Coca-Cola and Samuel Adams Winter Lager.  The coffee froze first, but pretty much everything was slushed over within 30 minutes and rock solid within 90 minutes.

By consensus vote, the orange juice and chocolate milk popcicles were the best.  Coke was good, too.  The coffee wasn’t bad and the V-8 was surprisingly not bad.  But far and away, the Sam Adams was the worst thing we placed on our tongues.

Our production assistant Grant took the photos and produced this short video montage of our experiment.  Enjoy.  More freezing stuff coming Friday!


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