The Pot & The Kettle

USA Today columnist Christine Brennan likes to cover figure skating.  So it’s appropriate that she’s sliding around on the issue on “tweaking the voting procedures” for end-of-year sports awards.

So Ms. Brennan, let’s review your vote for the Heisman Trophy.  You voted Colt McCoy 1st, followed by Toby Gerhart then Mark Ingram.  I don’t know this for sure, but that smells of a vote that occurred before the Big 12 Championship Game.  Because if it didn’t, it smells of a highly uneducated vote.  Anybody who felt McCoy was a better player than Ndamukong Suh after watching that game just doesn’t understand football.  Especially when against the only two good defenses McCoy faced, he looked like a below average quarterback.

No, I’m not upset that she didn’t vote Suh number one, but to have him behind McCoy in anyway looks like a pretty questionable vote.

In regards to your column, Ms. Brennan.  Pot meet kettle.


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