Jack & John Go National

Let’s just say it was a crazy afternoon in the KLIN Newsroom today.  John and I did an interview with Senator Ben Nelson on Thursday’s show in which he:

1) Again refuted rumors that he’s been threatened by the Obama administration with closure of Offutt AFB, and specifically indicated that he believes he knows the source of the rumor and that Republicans “will be embarrassed” if and when that comes out.

2)  Indicated that he’s not satisfied with compromise abortion funding language that was presented to him yesterday by Senator Casey.

3)  Said he’s still not willing to vote for cloture on the bill, even if the abortion issue is addressed fully to his liking.

4)  Said that Health Care reform might get done by Christmas…2010.

Apparently, some of this interested the national media and blogosphere, as our phone has been ringing off the hook asking for the audio–we’ve fielded calls today from CNN, Fox News, C-Span, PBS, ABC and several others.  The Podcast has received over 2,000 hits in the last two hours after being linked on several national sites.

Here’s a sampling some of the mention we’ve been getting nationally:

Talking Points Memo


Wall Street Journal

NY Times

Bloomberg (the #1 story on Google news as of 4:30 p.m. today)

USA Today


The Hill

MSNBC (and MSNBC TV where the pretty anchor referred to “KILN Radio)

Huffington Post

Hot Air Blog (with YouTube of the Interview and a transcript!)

Time/CNN Swampland



3 Responses to Jack & John Go National


    Way to go!!! I heard the interview and wondered if you would get some national attention, but this is more than I would have imagined!

  2. Brad says:

    You guys just need to phrase your question differently to get more exposure–

    When Jack asked Senator Nelson the question, maybe should have been ” if the abortion issue wasnt part of the bill, could you tell the liseteners on KLIN with Jack & John, perhaps the best radio station in the country, if you would vote for the bill-

    Now that is advertising

  3. Deb Brown says:

    Congratulations…richy ddeserved! You guys have the best interviews in town, bar none.

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