The Pot & The Kettle

December 24, 2009

USA Today columnist Christine Brennan likes to cover figure skating.  So it’s appropriate that she’s sliding around on the issue on “tweaking the voting procedures” for end-of-year sports awards.

So Ms. Brennan, let’s review your vote for the Heisman Trophy.  You voted Colt McCoy 1st, followed by Toby Gerhart then Mark Ingram.  I don’t know this for sure, but that smells of a vote that occurred before the Big 12 Championship Game.  Because if it didn’t, it smells of a highly uneducated vote.  Anybody who felt McCoy was a better player than Ndamukong Suh after watching that game just doesn’t understand football.  Especially when against the only two good defenses McCoy faced, he looked like a below average quarterback.

No, I’m not upset that she didn’t vote Suh number one, but to have him behind McCoy in anyway looks like a pretty questionable vote.

In regards to your column, Ms. Brennan.  Pot meet kettle.


“Karate Kid” Remake Goes Chinese

December 23, 2009

When I first heard that Hollywood was going to (again) remake another film from my youth, I thought “man, how are they going to screw this one up.”

But I have to admit, seeing the trailer for this summer’s rehash of “The Karate Kid”, it doesn’t look bad.  They’ve kept the basic plot premise of new boy in new school getting bullied and needs to learn karate to survive.  But this time, the story takes place in China.  Jackie Chan plays the mentor (not named Mr. Miyagi) and I presume that “wax on, wax off” has also been replaced by something else.

Watch the trailer for yourself and judge.

City of Brotherly Love My ***

December 21, 2009

Their fans are already infamous for cheering as a motionless Cowboy player lie on the turf and they’ve already shown a reputation for throwing snowballs at Santa Claus.  So should it be any surprise that fans of the Philadelphia Eagles – when given a foot-plus of newly fallen snow and two prime targets wearing enemy colors (in this case the 49ers) – would find a new reason to show off their arms?

Let Fly, Eagles.  Fly.

Jack & John Go National

December 17, 2009

Let’s just say it was a crazy afternoon in the KLIN Newsroom today.  John and I did an interview with Senator Ben Nelson on Thursday’s show in which he:

1) Again refuted rumors that he’s been threatened by the Obama administration with closure of Offutt AFB, and specifically indicated that he believes he knows the source of the rumor and that Republicans “will be embarrassed” if and when that comes out.

2)  Indicated that he’s not satisfied with compromise abortion funding language that was presented to him yesterday by Senator Casey.

3)  Said he’s still not willing to vote for cloture on the bill, even if the abortion issue is addressed fully to his liking.

4)  Said that Health Care reform might get done by Christmas…2010.

Apparently, some of this interested the national media and blogosphere, as our phone has been ringing off the hook asking for the audio–we’ve fielded calls today from CNN, Fox News, C-Span, PBS, ABC and several others.  The Podcast has received over 2,000 hits in the last two hours after being linked on several national sites.

Here’s a sampling some of the mention we’ve been getting nationally:

Talking Points Memo

Wall Street Journal

NY Times

Bloomberg (the #1 story on Google news as of 4:30 p.m. today)

USA Today


The Hill

MSNBC (and MSNBC TV where the pretty anchor referred to “KILN Radio)

Huffington Post

Hot Air Blog (with YouTube of the Interview and a transcript!)

Time/CNN Swampland


Sunday School Special: The Heisman

December 12, 2009

I cannot help but feel disappointment that Ndamukong Suh did not win the Heisman Trophy.  The chance to earn the school’s 4th and become the historic first lineman to win was a golden opportunity for the program to grow.

As we know, it did not happen.  In fact, Suh wasn’t as close as we had all hoped.

But just as Suh disrupted just about every team he faced in 2009, big number 93 disrupted college football’s biggest awards ceremony.

There is no question that when I look at the numbers, Suh’s impact on Colt McCoy’s Heisman hopes was devastating.  Just as he smeared Texas’s quarterback time and time again last Saturday, Suh smeared McCoy’s presumed coronation as “college football’s most outstanding player.”  While McCoy did finish ahead of Suh in the vote and was only 159 points behind winner Mark Ingram of Alabama, it is clear that when you look at the actual numbers compared to the projections by Stiff Arm Trophy, McCoy was a recipient of an early Heisman vote.  McCoy was well behind Suh in the projections.  But those projections were – I think – mostly of Heisman voters who waited until the results of last Saturday before voting.  People who voted for Suh were unafraid to publicize their vote because he was by far the most impressive candidate who played on December 5th.  He was also a popular “outlaw” candidate.  The defensive lineman whose performance was not laden with obscene statistics.  You had to watch football to appreciate Suh, you couldn’t just look at a box score.

As close as McCoy was to actually winning, despite being owned by Suh and the Blackshirts and nearly throwing away the Big 12 Championship, I have to believe that he received a large amount of early votes.  These voters saw McCoy run and throw all over Texas A&M on national television on Thanksgiving night and, as they were falling asleep from the turkey, they dozed off convinced that McCoy was the best player.

They sent their votes in, still asleep at the polls, before seeing how he would play against a quality defense.  Until that point, McCoy had only played one really stout unit – Oklahoma’s – and in that game McCoy was very average.  We all know how McCoy fared against the Blackshirts.  He won the game – not because he really did anything to win it – but lost the Heisman.

And Suh ruined it for him.

Not only did he make McCoy look BELOW average, but he also waged a one-night Heisman campaign of his own.  The Missouri effort put him in the discussion.  The Texas game made him the discussion.

As far as I see, Ingram owes Suh an assist on winning this award.  Not that Ingram isn’t a great player.  But he was the “safe” vote.  The supposed “best player on the best team.”  He was going to get his votes from the parochial southern press because he dethroned the mighty Tebow.  But McCoy was going to win.

That is until Arlington, Texas on December 5th.

So while Husker Nation will be angry that “Texas got the best of Nebraska again” think again.  The replay booth saved McCoy from the ultimate Merkle’s Boner, nothing could save his Heisman campaign from the Indomitable Suh.

Friday Night Videos

December 11, 2009

Nebraska fans have a long way to go before they’ve got the sort of street cred you see in Cedar Rapids.

This kid appears to be about three years old, but he knows how to play the Ukelele and sing Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours”.   Wow, I should teach my four-year old to do more stuff.

So does this need to be a new part of weddings in 2010?  Also, is the huge closed-mouth kiss at the end awkward for anyone else?

Some people are pretty good at lip-syncing.  Then there’s this guy.

And I assume most people have seen this by now, but just in case, here’s the Muppet version of Bohemian Rhapsody, which seems as if it could be one of the most popular internet videos of 2009.

That’s it–have a great weekend!

OWH Mentions Jack & John and Towgate is Solved!

December 10, 2009

…well sort of.  Much like their Lincoln counterparts, the World-Herald seems to have a policy refusing to mention radio hosts by name as we’re referred to as “Lincoln radio talk show hosts”.  Oh well, we’ll take what we can get.

In any case, we’re glad to see after we caused a little stir about towgate, it seems to have been remedied, as reported by Jon Camp on our show and the OWH article (see the mention in the 10th paragraph).  Kudos to Abram Morales for stepping up and taking the hit on this one for the greater good of the city.  That said, I’m still pretty convinced there still needs to be something done about the predatory towing that happens in this city, and we’re still investigating the issue, so stay tuned.