Wednesday Odds & Ends

-First, I can’t believe some of you had the audacity to be critical of Federal Stimulus Package, errr, Recovery and Reinvestment Act that passed through Congress earlier this year.  Now that the results are in, time for you haters to eat some crow.  I mean, just look at the 22.4 jobs that were created in Nebraska’s 17th Congressional District or the nearly quarter of a million dollars realized by our good friends in the NE-48.   I think it’s pretty clear that our Government knows what it’s doing. 

UPDATE (11/19):  The information on the seems to be fixed right now, but here’s an article from the OWH on Nebraska’s, uhhh, new congressional districts. 

-I’ve always had a hard time keeping track of all those little counties west of Lincoln, I mean who knew there was actually a place called Deuel County?  So of course I’m overjoyed that the conservative-ish economists and thinkers over at the Platte Institute think that we should go ahead and get rid of 65 of ’em

-Today it’s all the rage on the #LNK Twitter feed that we apparently live in the second strangest city in the USA, just behind New York City, according to the folks at Tableseed.  The results were tabulated using the quantity of ‘strange’ stories that came across the AP wire from each city.  Speaking of strange, why is a small-venture company out of Wisconsin that specialilzes in creating birthday clubs for restaurants putting out press releases about the strangest cities and states?  Perhaps they were hoping to get some big-time radio host to drive traffic to their site.  Bravo, Tableseed, bravo. 

-Tomorrow on the show we’ve got the people from Time Warner joining us on the show around 7:15 to talk about their new “start over” feature on their digital cable boxes that will save people like me, who often forget to set the DVR at key times.  Pretty cool feature if you ask me, but I’m still wishing they’d add that 30 second forward button that I used to have on my satellite DVR that made watching entire recorded football games in a half hour a snap.


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