Now THIS Is How To Win With Class.

I’ve never been a fan of the Tennessee Titans.  From the day they shipped out of Houston and left behind “Luv Ya Blue” to the day they unveiled those gawd-awful uniforms which ushered in an era of the goofy “let’s-color-the-shoulder-pads-different-from-the-rest-of-the-jersey” look.  Which of course made it all the sweeter when my Rams beat their backsides in the greatest Super Bowl ever (thank you Mike Jones!)

So when I saw this, I had to post it for viewing.  What you are about to see is Oilers….um, Titans owner Bud Adams flipping off the Buffalo Bills after his putrid team (now a proud 3-6) won 41-17 on Sunday.  The funny thing is that he was hosting NFL commissioner Roger Goodell in his box during the game (obviously the Commish was out of the box at the time).

Please note, this link is NOT censored, so if you are offended by the obscene gesture DON’T click on the link and just take my word for it.



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