The Real Herbie & The Monday Morning QB

I thought I’d share this picture of Kent Titze, a.k.a. “The Real-Life Herbie Husker” who was in town last week spreading some cheer to the kids at one of Cedars Youth Services Early Childhood Development Centers, posing with the host of Meagan’s Monday Morning Quarterback (catch it 8:35 on Mondays), my wife Meagan. 


One Response to The Real Herbie & The Monday Morning QB

  1. nancy morgan says:

    Everyone that got towed is telling dozens of people how they got scammed in Lincoln. That needs fixed NOW.

    I happen to think the towing situation in Lincoln is a threat and I avoid downtown Lincoln whenever I can because of it.

    The small business owners need to FIGHT this unfriendliness ( in spite of the city and the tow companies making money off of the parking situation)or people WILL NOT COME!

    One of my favorite restaurants is downtown, but I rarely go there due to parking, and I’ll go to a movie in Omaha before going to the “Grand” downtown!

    Please make it known that now I will avoid this owners Mexican restaurants until he “owns Up” to what happened, the owner of each vehicle towed should be reimbursed. When you pay a business for parking, a contract is made. You don’t ‘alienate’ people from the entire city…

    Thank you.

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