Friday Night Videos

Ahhhh, I love Friday afternoons.  Winding down the work week, focusing on the great weekend up ahead,  perhaps being a little less productive than usual, and most important, a chance to watch this week’s most interesting Internet video. 

Right now, the most popular movie trailer on the web is clearly that of 2012, which explores the idea of a global doomsday event coinciding with end of the Mayan calendar’s current cycle in the year 2012.  Sounds like a real feel good flick, huh?  Nothing like going to see a movie where it appears that about 10,000 people die in the trailer alone, but I’ve got to admit–the special effects are sweet. 

This one got a lot of hits earlier in the week.  It’s a Las Vegas semi-pro football league (it’s not HS as this video indicates), and the guy here returning the punt makes a couple of nice moves before getting tackled, but look closely at the uniform of the guy who makes the tackle.

There was a lot of talk about dirty football players this week after a Florida player was suspended for gouging the eyes of a Georgia running back.  Well, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen dirtier play than was displayed yesterday by this New Mexico women’s soccer player.

At about the 30 second point of this soundless video, we see why forklift driving ability is a major prerequisite for any warehouse job.

I find this one pretty hilarious.  It’s the music video for Bonnie Tyler’s total eclipse of the heart, but this is the “literal  version”.  It’s pretty self-explanatory once you start watching.

I’m always curious about how computers will change in the coming year.  Here’s a video showing you what might be the newest trend in the notebook variety–‘rolltops’.

That’s it.  Have a great weekend!


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