The Magical Big XII North Scenario Generator!

If you’re anything like me, when you’re not busy stressing about why Nebraska’s offense has lost nearly all of its potency, you’re contemplating just how likely it is that Nebraska could lose one or even two more games and still punch their ticket to Dallas for the Big XII North Championship in what I’m sure would be a riveting matchup with the Texas Longhorns. 

Well, I’ve got the answer.  With this handy-dandy Big XII North scenario generator, courtesy of an old law school buddy, Scot Ringenberg, you can see what would happen via any of the tens of thousands of permutations of game results that could still happen in the division’s final month.  Plus, it’s nice to be able to figure out if you should really be cheering for Kansas or Kansas St. this weekend (probably Kansas). 

When running the generator, don’t change the “results grid” on the left, but instead, just place the “x” under the week by week schedule next to the team you’re predicting to win and each team’s record will be updated at the bottom of the results grid.  Oh  yeah, you may need this, it’s the Big XII rules about tie-breakers, which are almost certainly going to come into play.  Have fun.


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