Friday Night Videos

I took a couple weeks off with the weird football schedules from my Friday videos post, so I’ll make sure and give you a big dose of video enjoyment to kill out this last day of the work week.

First, we’ll start with one of those weird viral videos that’s been gaining momentum this week.  “Shane” wants to show off his Mariah Carey-like range by singing 5 full octaves while sitting at his piano at home. 

We’ve all seen the video featuring the West Haymarket Arena concept that came out last week (and if not, scroll down to the arena post to see it), but look how different that concept is than the one the Lincoln Traction Partners were putting out there about a year and a half ago.  Gotta tell you, I’m glad they made the changes they did.

Here’s a little convenience store security camera video (no, it’s not local) of a guy who really, really wants a case of beer (to go with the 3 he had apparently arleady consumed).

If there’s one random musical skill I could aquire immediately, I’m pretty sure it would be beatboxing.  Check out this video of what’s got to be the most amazing beatboxers in the world, Nathan Lee and “Beardyman” performing at Google’s London offices.  Also, why aren’t the drink coolers at KLIN’s studios stocked with beer as they appear to be at Google? 

And, last but not least, hockey season has begun, and this might just be the best hockey goal I’ve ever seen.  Oh yeah, and it was made by a 9-year old.


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