“Real-Life Herbie” In Studio

Here are some pics of our interview with Kent Titze of Arizona, who we located through some previous blog posts (scroll down to see the full story).  At first, I just thought this guy looked exactly like the old school blonde Herbie Husker mascot/cartoon.  After meeting him and having talked to him, I believe he completely personofies what that mascot represented.  He’s warm, passionate about football and this state, laughs loud and often, tough, and has a job where he “works the land”, which is evident by spending time with him.  I think the  Athletic Department would be smart to look into using Kent in some kind of an official capacity, and I know Kent would be open to something like that.  What do you think?  I’ll post the podcast after 9 and get you the link here, but for now, enjoy the pics.


One Response to “Real-Life Herbie” In Studio

  1. HerbieTitze says:

    It was wet and cold but a Great 4th quarter. We found the Missouri Fans gracious and friendly for the most part. 1 MU fan asked me as he drove by “Do you know what that N on your hat stands for?” I replied “Yes it stands for Missouri has (N)ever won a (N)ational Champtionship.” He drove away without saying a word. I also went from one dark concession stand to the next suggesting they needed HUSKER POWER. a few of them smiled. ALL IN ALL good job Lee and company and the fans that faired the weather.

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